Teach Your Dog These 3 Behaviors And You’ll Be Welcome Anywhere

I am not welcome at two local shelters in the area.

Can you believe this?


Sensitive, calm, friendly, luvable little fluffball is how I would describe myself. So why would anyone toss your friend and hero out of a shelter?

Did I show up drunk? Did I take a swing at a board member? You’re thinking I must have caused some type of mischief or ruckus.

Nothing of the sort.

I was tossed out for one reason and one reason only.

I was asked to leave because I wanted to save dogs. You may think I am exaggerating,  that I am embellishing to make for a good story, but what I am sharing is 100% truth.

One of the shelters asked me to work with a German Shepherd puppy who was dangerously food bowl aggressive. I FIXED the problem and made it safe for anyone to be around this puppy while he was eating.

Did I get an award? Did the staff call me in to congratulate me? Did they bake a cake and sing “For He’s A Jolly Good Fellow?”

NOPE!!! They pretty much told me to never come back.

So why would they get so upset? Because they think dog training is rainbows and sunshine.

Dogs are predatory animals with thousands of years of evolutionary behavior which makes them skilled killers. Dogs have levels of aggression which come pre-programmed into their behavior.

They do not believe in the democratic process and will use force if left unchecked. With proper training and through selective breeding, we have turned modern dogs into great family pets. We love them because of their very social nature.

But underneath, deep inside of every dog is a predator. My job is to stop the predatory behavior from developing into a serious behavior problem.

And when it comes to dog behavior, I do NOT mess around. I make sure every dog I come into contact with becomes a great, friendly, well-trained dog.

Politically correct shelters be damned.

Which brings us to our topic of bringing your dog anywhere. Even if he doesn’t know any commands, your dog will always have a better shot at being welcome if he is friendly. No one wants to be around an aggressive dog.

But to really be welcomed anywhere, the 3 behaviors your dog must know are:

  1. Walk on leash without pulling
  2. Come when called
  3. Stay

Remember, these are behaviors your dog has to learn.

Jumping, stealing food off the table, and getting in the trash do not have to be taught. Those are behaviors which must be stopped.

Dog training is NOT mystical or magical. It basically boils down to two words. INCREASE and DECREASE. Increase the behaviors you want by applying positive consequences and decrease unwanted behaviors by applying negative consequences.

Dogs that walk politely on leash, dogs that can reliably come back to their owners immediately and dogs who stay in place when told will be welcome anywhere.

Everyone loves dogs… as long as they are well-behaved.

So here are some questions for you to answer:

Is your dog welcome everywhere?

Does your dog pull you on leash?

Can your dog do a stay command?

Does your dog jump and would you like it to stop?

Would you like to have your dog welcome everywhere?

If you answered “yes” or “no” to any of the above questions you need to sign your dog up for our next class which starts on Monday at 7:00PM.

Class is right around the corner at Diamond in the RUFF, located conveniently at 111 Middle Road in Acushnet, MA. You can register for class by calling (508) 763-5351.

Space is limited and only a few spots are left.

You still have time to train your dog before Christmas.

All the best,


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