Gentle, Effective Dog Training Methods

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Gentle, Effective Dog Training Methods

In October, Abby came into our lives with the force of a hurricane. Four months later, as we continued to work at convincing ourselves that her ping-pong behavior was simply healthy exuberance, we saw the first signs of aggressiveness towards other dogs. Fortunately, our Vet recommended a visit to Eric Letendre.

Thanks to Eric’s astute evaluation and very workable suggestions, Abby’s behavior quickly improved. She began to attend dog daycare, where she played and interacted with other dogs.

After a few private lessons with Eric, where he taught us some key management techniques, we joined a training class – not a bark or lunge on Abby’s part!

I hesitate to think of Abby’s fate had we not found Eric. His gentle, but very effective training methods worked wonders with her. His expertise, confidence, and obvious love of dogs worked wonders with us.

When Abby is in daycare, or boarding with Eric, we’re certain that she is as well cared for as she would be at home. Abby is becoming more enjoyable every day, and we’re having fun training her and watching her progress. Thank you Eric!

Marcia Albert Dartmouth, MA April 1, 2014