The #1 Reason Your Dog Does NOT Respond to Your Commands

The #1 Reason Your Dog Does NOT Respond to Your Commands
The #1 Reason Your Dog Does NOT Respond to Your Commands

So I got a few emails about my Uncle Bubba.

A few people wrote saying that I was making that up and there is no real Uncle Bubba.

So let me clearly state that I do have an Uncle Bubba. His real name is Lloyd and he owned Sunny Side Up Restaurant on Main St. in Manchester. CT.

My brother and I both worked for him. One day my brother came into work very tired and was helping Bubba on the grill. It was very busy and my uncle threw a corn muffin at him and yelled: “Heat it!”

When Bubba gave an order you quickly complied.

A few minutes later he looked over and my brother is eating the muffin.

My Uncle looked at him and asked him what the heck he was doing?

My brother said: “You said eat it.”

Funny how even though we speak the same language we often get confused. My Uncle said, “Heat it,” and my brother heard, “Eat it.”

Confusion is a big problem between humans even when we understand the language.

Confusion between what you want your dog to do and what your dog understands is a whole nother story. This is one of the main reasons teaching a dog to walk on leash is so difficult.

Your dog is supposed to pay attention to your speed and direction and ignore all the distractions that she wants to go and check out.

This is why we need to spend a little time training your dog to walk in non-distracting areas with a lot of positive feedback.

Once your dog gets the hang of it, you can hit the roads.

And within a short time you’ll be as happy as a clam going for walks with your dog instead of the constant struggle that many of you are dealing with.

BTW – What makes clams so happy?

Anyway, if you want me to help with this command you can check out any of our classes.

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