The Greatest Trainer In The World

Would you like to know who the greatest trainer in the world is?

I know you’re probably saying to yourself: “I know who it is. It’s The Amazing Dog Training Man, who else could it be?”

I really am flattered that you thought that when asked but it is not me (GASP!).

I know, I know, you’re shocked, you’re appalled, you can’t believe what you are reading but please compose yourself for a second and let me introduce you to…..

……your dog!

Dogs really are the greatest trainers. They don’t understand our language, body posture, culture, or anything else that makes us humans. But within a few months, our canine friends quickly train we superior humans to do all sorts of cool tricks.

Take the “Chase Me” game.

The dog waits for a laundry basket to make an appearance. With a fresh pair of socks or underwear on top, the dog snatches the item in the blink of an eye and holds it for all to see.

The family jumps up to rescue the garment and game on.

Or take the “I Want Attention” scenario.

The dog walks up to the human during his favorite TV show and demands attention by barking or pawing at the owner. The owner quickly pets or invites the dog up.

And let’s not forget about the “I Want People Food Training.”

This is where the dog pulls out all the stops. The dog will use every tool in his training box to get a morsel of “people food.”

The family sits down at the table and the dog quickly figures out who the easiest target is. Once they have zeroed in on this person the real training begins. The dog will demand, plead, pester and if all else fails they pull out the big guns – charm.

The head goes on the leg and their eyes become soft and about five centimeters bigger. The face the dog makes is irresistible and if eye contact is made the human will fold like a cheap suit and “people food” is guaranteed.

Dogs use repetition and persistence. They try different techniques, nothing is off limits to get what they want.

Face it, if you want a fighting chance to train your dog, you need to be like your dog.

Use the same techniques they use and don’t give up. Hang in there and reverse the tables on them.

You can do it.

I know you can.

I can also help if you’d like.

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