The Time I Got Into A Fight On Talk Radio

They wanted me to fight.

But I am a peaceful man.

Here’s what happened…

…years ago I was on a radio show that was carried by WBSM in New Bedford.

The show’s host had invited on a cat behavior expert and me.

It started out good and then the show host and cat person turned on me.

They were cat lovers and wanted to debate why felines were better than canines.

I must admit, it took a few minutes for me to figure out what was going on. The reason I didn’t catch on was simple. I could care less if you think cats are better than dogs. Really, if you think they are superior to dogs, get more cats. What do I care and I said as much.

But they didn’t want to let it go and kept at it. They wanted me to engage and argue my point. They wanted a fight because I am sure the host thought it would make good radio.

I never took any courses on debating but when they finally let me talk the conversation was over.

Did I use my superior intellect and point out all the reasons dogs are better? Did I slice through their arguments with my wit and quick thinking?

Nope. You see, what I did was ask them some simple questions. I asked:

“How many seeing eye cats are there?”

“How many cats have been trained to help deaf people?”

“How many drug sniffing cats are there?”

“How many bomb sniffing cats are there?”

I could have kept going but my point was made.

Please understand, I love cats. I love all animals and am fascinated by them. But no animal compares to a dog. Dogs have a special place with humans and over 15,000 years they have truly developed into our best friends.

And there is one main reason the relationship between dogs and humans has developed the way it has. The reason?


Wolf pups were not brought into the primitive communities because they were cute. It may have started this way but our ancestors found out they were useful and could help with guarding and hunting. Over those 15,000 years, training is what has kept our dogs close to us.

Most dogs today do not hunt, guard, herd or engage in many of the activities they were bred for. Today’s dog has a different role. Today, a dog has to learn how to walk on leash, come when called, and greet without jumping.

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All the best,


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