The Undisputed Real Reason For Reactive Dogs

So I have some of the smartest readers when it comes to dog training.

Yesterday I wrote about reactive (aggressive) dogs and some great emails came in commenting and even (GASP) disagreeing with me. I know, I was as surprised as you are.

Here is an email from M.M.

“Big fan of you for years, and your second point on how dogs become reactive by unintentional reinforcement is totally correct. The issue I’m having is saying it’s because of choke chains or prong collars in class? Those aren’t good tools but that is not why dogs are reactive, not even close.

The biggest problem by far is dogs not being socialized. Of course you potty training, get a dog to walk on leash, and it’s really not being socialized. A dog spends most of its life behind walls on leashes and generally only interacting with one person or family.

I can’t begin to tell you how little dogs interact with other dogs or “strangers” and if they do the owner has no idea how to regulate the behavior. THAT’S the real problem, and that is undisputed.”

Is he right?

Has the Amazing Dog Training Man met his match and provided his loyal readers with incorrect information?

In his email he wrote that prong and choke collars do not contribute to aggression on leash. Choke and prong collars are a HUGE factor when it comes to aggressive behavior on leash. It’s called cross associations or superstitious behavior which I have written about before.

But M.M. is correct about socializing. Puppies do need to be socialized around other people and dogs. You have about a four month window to take advantage of socializing your pup and if not properly socialized, the pup may develop into an unstable, fearful (possibly aggressive) dog.

I didn’t discuss it too much because most of the dogs that I deal with are way beyond the socialization period.

Some of the best advice you can ever get is to bring your pup to a well run, positive puppy class.

Doesn’t offer much help for the person that has a three year old dog lunging on leash trying to eat anything within a fifty foot radius.

That’s when you need to be able to get results, results like the what you’ll see on The Dog Training Inner Circle.

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