The Walking Dead Dog Training Guide

Are you a “Walking Dead” fan?

It is an AWESOME show and the new season starts soon.

Not everyone’s cup of tea, but I think it is great BECAUSE. . .

. . . Watching “The Walking Dead” can help you be a better dog trainer.


Because when you and your dog are trying to survive the zombie apocalypse, you need to develop some skills to make it through every day.

If you study how the people on the show survive you learn:

1. Know and use the Boy Scout Motto – Be prepared. When the un-dead are walking around in large numbers looking to make you into a “Human Happy Meal,” you need to be Johnny On The Spot.

Dog training is the same. Prepare for each dog training session. Get the right treats, leash, collar, helpers and set aside a certain amount of time without distractions.

2. Have a back up plan – Ever drop a soda outside? Notice how ants swarm the sugar within minutes? Zombies are a lot like ants and you can find yourself backed into a tight situation if you’re not careful, heck even if you are careful.

Your best defense is a back up plan. Back up plans are crucial to changing behavior. Every dog is different. What works on one dog will not necessarily work with another. If you are not getting the results you’re looking for, switch to plan B.

3. Remember what the British Bulldog Winston Churchill once said: “Never, never, never give up.

It’s easy to get depressed when you have hordes of the un-dead walking around looking for their next meal with you on the menu. Just because you’ve become a walking prime rib, you can’t give up.

Sometimes it will seem like your training efforts are not working out. The big mistake would be giving up. Keep at it and you WILL get results.

4. Get Help! – It’s a tough road to go alone when 99% of the population have become the living dead. It’s good to have some help even if it is just one guy watching your back.

And if there is ONE command your dog has to know to survive is leash walking.

Don’t mess around with this. Teach your dog this command today. The last thing you want to happen is have your dog drag you towards a group of creeps and serve you up like a bucket of chicken.

You can learn the EXACT way to do it with the videos and instructions on Leash Walking Secrets Course.

Here’s where to go next:

Leash Walking Secrets


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