This Collar Makes Impossible For Your Dog To Pull

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Saw a post on Facebook yesterday which said: Ole man winter is like the Patriots. They never give up. As we swing into March with some 60 degree days it can get discouraging when 5 inches of snow is dumped on us. Especially when we are starting to get visions of beaches and warm weather.

Anyway, snow can be extremely dangerous for dog owners. It is dangerous because if your dog thinks he is a sled dog in the Iditarod, you could easily get yanked off your feet resulting in an injury.

Here’s favorite of mine:

QUESTION: “You walk into a room full of dog owners. There are no dogs there but everyone in the room has a dog. How can you pick out the lab owners from the rest of the group?”

ANSWER: “The lab owners will be on crutches.”

I have seen plenty of overexcited labs and goldens wipe out their owners in a split second. And when it’s snowing forget it. Trying to keep your balance while your dog pulls is treacherous. But you can put your dog’s pulling days behind you.

Short term, I highly recommend getting a Gentle Leader. The Gentle Leader makes it impossible to pull. I have a boxer in one of my classes right now. He went from dragging his owner around to completely controlled in one session.

Long term, I recommend registering and attending my Leash Walking Secrets class. This class will show you how to get your dog to walk with you. No more pulling or dragging because the class will show you step-by-step how to bring your dog under control.

If you are ready to get your dog under control and walking on leash without pulling, now is the time to register for the class. The Leash Walking Secrets class will be held at Diamond in the RUFF in Acushnet and is for four weeks. Class start dates are: Saturday March 25th at 10:30AM Or Monday April 3rd at 6:00PM. You can register for class by calling Kelli at 508-763-5351.

One thought on “This Collar Makes Impossible For Your Dog To Pull

  1. Our dog-walker had to use a gentle-leader with our lab/dane mix (100lbs of excitement when she walked in the door)… it calmed him down immediately – he wasn’t a fan, but he’d endure it for a walk!

    But nothing makes me more sad than to see an ill-fitting gentle leader cutting through the eyes of a dog. 🙁 It’s especially hard to correctly fit the gentle leader to a short-nosed breed.

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