This Con Man Can Help You Have A Better 2015

The sign on the pool hall wall said:

“$200 to Any Man Who Jumps Over My New Pool Table.”

$200 in 1931 was a lot of cash and Alvin was determined to get it. A poor kid born in the Ozarks he would go on to cheat Al Capone for $500, cross paths with Harry Houdini, Babe Ruth, Minnesota Fats and even have Damon Runyon write a character based on him in his book, “Guys And Dolls.”

Alvin looked at the pool table and immediately went across the street to a cheap hotel. He grabbed a mattress out of a room and dragged it back to the pool hall.

He placed it on the other side of the pool table and backed up as far as he could. He then ran full speed at the pool table and launched himself head first high into the air.

He easily cleared the pool table and safely landed on the mattress. Got the $200 and was gone.

Alvin Thomas, who was better known as the famous gambler Titanic Thompson, was a proposition gambler. He would offer to bet on cards, pool, dice, horseshoes and just about anything else.

But he always made sure he had an edge. He always made sure he had set up the bet so he would be successful.

Which is really the secret to teaching your dog obedience – especially the recall (come when called) command.

You see, when you are teaching your dog to come when called you always want to start with your dog successfully completing the command.

In fact, the biggest mistake you can make is calling your dog when he is not going to do the command. So let me give you a simple exercise you can do to start your dog off right.

Dogs are attracted to excitement and movement so you are going to use this to your advantage.

With your dog on leash, have a helper hold the leash. You are going to quickly walk up to your dog and get him excited. Once your dog is real excited you are going to run away about 20 to 30 feet (please do this exercise in a fenced in yard or with a long line on your dog.)

Your friend is holding your dog back and your dog is now straining to run to you. You have perfectly “Set Your Dog Up For Success.” Your friend lets the leash go and you clearly give the command “COME” as your dog races towards you.

Now your dog has correctly performed the command and you reward. This is more exciting than jumping over a pool table onto a mattress.

Setting your dog up for success takes a little planning.

Titanic was famous for betting to throw a walnut over a building. He would offer some chump a bag of walnuts and a bet to throw one over the building. He would tell the guy he could choose both walnuts.

One for Titanic and one for himself. The guy would toss his walnut as hard as he could and it would fall short. Titanic would step up and throw his walnut. His would easily sail over the building.


While the chump he was betting would throw his walnut Titanic would reach in his pocket and switch the walnut for a lead filled walnut he had for such bets. The weight would easily carry the walnut over the building.

He always had a plan. So my question for you is:

What is your plan to train your dog this year? Everyone is thinking and talking about New Year’s resolutions. It’s one thing to write one down. It’s another to write it down with a plan.

Lucky for you and your dog you don’t have to come up with a training plan. It’s all ready for you and it’s called The Dog Training Inner Circle and it’s ONLY $1.00 to join!

Here’s where to go if you want in:

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