This Could Change The Way You Look At Dog Training

You ever read any Shakespeare?

Even though I love to read I never have.

But I am familiar with some of his sayings. And one of his best quotes is:

“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

Not one to disagree with one of the most famous writers in the history of the planet, but I think he is one word off. I think it should be worded this way:

“There is nothing good or bad but ACTIONS make it so.”

It’s not our thinking, it is our actions that can make something bad or good.

Fire can be used to keep you and your family warm. Or it can be used by an arsonist to burn down a city.

It’s not the thinking, it’s the actions.

In the dog training world where I live I often get attacked by the PO’d crowd (positive only) for talking about and using negative consequences to train.

And I understand why. If you’ve been around long enough you’ve seen some hack dog trainer misuse a choke, prong or electronic collar.

I could share horror stories with you. But what is instructive is that the trainer’s actions can torture a dog or they can save the dog’s life.

In the wrong hands an electronic collar can be a disaster for the dog. In the right hands an electronic collar can saves the dog’s life.

This is fact, you can’t argue this.

Dog training is all about learning the right actions at the right time. The foundation for my system is based on two words: YES and NO.

I know, not very complicated but your dog has to learn what behaviors we want them to do (YES) and which behaviors need to stop (NO).

Now you can start to communicate to your dog and you’re on your way to a trained dog.

The Dog Training Inner Circle which help show you which actions to take to finally train your dog.

It’s just $1.00 to get going. You just need to go here NEXT:

Dog Training Inner Circle



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