This Is Wooba Gooba With The Green Teeth – Let Me In!

More snow this morning here in Sunny Southeastern MA.

Some people would get depressed. I think one of the best ways to overcome feeling down is to listen to music. Not the depressing Kurt Cobain 90’s stuff. You need to listen to the 80’s stuff.

Music with lyrics like: “Open up the door b!T(# this is wooba gooba with the green teeth – let me in.” In case you don’t recognize the line it is from J. Geils Band’s greatest song: “Musta Got Lost.”

Even though many parts of the country are under a blanket of the white stuff, Spring really is not that far off and before you know it you’ll be outside with your dog.

And the fastest way for your dog to get lost is by not knowing the recall (come when called) command.

So today I want to share a few tips that you can start working on now in your house.

TIP #1: Make sure your dog understands the word “COME.” Put a leash on your dog and ask a friend to hold it. As your friend is holding the leash, get your dog excited and run ten feet away. Your dog should be pulling on the leash. Say your dog’s name and the command “COME!” At that point have your friend drop the leash. Your dog should run towards you.

TIP #2: As your dog races towards you have a treat ready to reward her. BUT….before you give the treat reach down and grab your dog’s collar. Always reach out and take your dog’s collar before you reward when practicing the recall command. Many dogs will come to the owner and then stop because they know the owner is going to reach out and grab the collar which is a negative experience for most dogs. Condition your dog to accept you taking the collar when you call.

TIP #3: Avoid drive by’s and hard landings. Two common behaviors on the recall are drive bys and hard landings. A drive by is when your dog is racing at you 30 miles an hour and races past you at 30 miles an hour. The dog came to you but just kept going.

A hard landing is when your dog races at you and launches and hits you full steam in the chest with all four paws. Great recall but not very much fun at the end.

To avoid these common problems start backing up as your dog is approaching. Back up three or four feet to help your dog slow down AND come all the way to you. Once your dog gets to you take the collar and reward.

If you’d like to train your dog to come when called before the warm weather hits, now is the time to start and I can help. The Ultimate Online Recall Course was developed to walk you step by step through the process of teaching this extremely important command. Get all the details by going here NEXT:

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