This Routine Will Make You Happy If You Have A Reactive Dog

Amazing to think Scarlett is going to be one this month.

There is one thing she really does not like and that is getting placed on the changing table. She hates it. She starts crying, thrashing and I really dread the thought of changing her diaper.

So a few weeks back I was thinking. “Wait a minute. I am a highly skilled dog behavior specialist. I help change dogs’ negative behaviors into more positive ones. Maybe I can help change this.”

Years ago I learned a routine from a trainer to deal with reactive dogs. Some dogs go bananas when they see another dog. The “Jolly Routine” is used to help the dog overcome this problem.

I decided to do this with Scarlett.

The second I put her on the table I immediately started to tickle her. I kept doing this and then put my hand over her eyes to play peek a boo (her all-time favorite game.)

Lo and behold, the changing table is no longer a struggle.

You can do the same with your dog. The Jolly Routine was taught to me by William Campbell, a behaviorist who wrote the classic book, “Behavior Problems in Dogs.”

The Jolly Routine works by trying to change the dog’s feelings and thoughts from negative to positive when they see another dog.

To do this successfully you have to have crackerjack timing and the help of another dog and handler.

Done right you can change your dog’s behavior from reactive when they see a dog to calm, manageable behavior.
It’s all in the technique.

Speaking of technique, everything you need to know about training and more is covered in our dog obedience classes.

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