Three Secrets That Will Improve Your Dog’s Recall (Come When Called)

The one command everyone wants their dog to do well is the recall command.

As the weather gets nicer we want to be able to go places with our dogs and know that they will come back when we call.

Here are four secrets that will improve your dog’s recall immediately.

Avoid Unintentional Punishment – This is a biggie. I see this happen with puppies all the time. Puppy is at the beach for the first time. The owner lets puppy off leash and lets him run around for a while. It’s time to go and owner calls puppy to him. The puppy comes tearing towards the owner. The owner reaches down and snaps the leash on. The owner has just punished the dog for coming when called and puppy will probably avoid owner next time off leash.

Attention and Engagement – Dogs do NOT perform commands because they are not paying attention to the owner. They are NOT engaged with what the owner is doing. They are focused on something else.

Your training should always focus on getting your dog’s attention. Once you have attention you can give a command. If you give a command when your dog is focused on something else the dog will fail. Attention and engagement is started with your dog on leash and worked up to off leash.

Generalization – Often overlooked and rarely talked about. If you practice your dog’s recall in your backyard your dog will get good doing the command there. Once you go to a different place there is a good chance your dog will fail.

Ever notice how good your dog does with his obedience in your house but loses it when you do it in a different place? Your dog has to learn to do the command in different places before you can safely feel your dog knows the command.

Use these three steps today and you’ll see a huge improvement in your dog’s recall.

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