Trash Thief

Here is a question that I got the other day:


“Would you mind doing a blog about how to stop your dog from going into the garbage? My miniature schnauzer just got over a severe pancreatic attack and I caught her yesterday with a chicken bone from the trash. HELP!”

Annette P.

This is a great question because it cuts right to the bone.

Basically she is saying: “I need to know how to stop this behavior or my dog could die.”

Luckily, she asked me because I won’t sugarcoat the answer. I’ll give her the right answer without worrying about what the PC crowd will say.

You see, the correct answer to her question is (GASP)…..


Yeah, I said it.

A negative consequence has to happen as the behavior happens. Done correctly, the behavior will end in a very short period of time.

If this was my dog I would teach her that going near the trash is off limits. I would put the trash can in the room and every time she showed any interest in the trash I would say, “NO,” and apply a negative consequence.

The question I always get next is: “What is the negative consequence?”

The correct answer is: “Anything your dog finds unpleasant.”

Examples can be a squirt gun, choke, prong or electronic collar. A rolled up towel also makes a great negative consequence.

But here is the important point to take away from this. Punishment DOES put pressure on your dog. Punishment done correctly is EXTREMELY effective at stopping behaviors.

Done incorrectly, it can have very negative side effects for the dog.

Which is why I spent a lot of time putting together videos and instructions on how to do it correctly on The Dog Training Inner Circle.

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