We Need More Beer!

History lesson:

The Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock because:

  1. They came to America seeking religious freedom.
  2. The Mayflower sprung a leak and they needed to repair.
  3. They needed more beer.

Everyone that choose c. as the correct answer can go to the front of the room and collect your gold star because you are correct.

Funny how a religious group landed on Plymouth Rock because they needed to do what we call here in Massachusetts, a “Packy Run” (which is short for package store, which is what liquor stores are called in this state). I know it’s all confusing but hang with me, I do have an important point to make.

It is a fact that they stopped here when they were really on their way to Virginia because they needed some more brewskies.

Some explanations for behavior are very simple. The Pilgrims were thirsty and decided to head in to shore.

Your dog will do certain behaviors and we will come up with reasons to justify why the dog did it.

The dog chewed my shoes: “He is getting back at me for leaving him home.”

The dog goes out the door before the owner: “She’s being dominant.”

The dog poops on the floor: “He’s being spiteful.”

Anthropomorphism is a good word to understand and remember with your dog. It’s a fancy word that means:

“Attributing human emotions and characteristics to animals, plants and objects.”

Revenge is an emotion reserved for us highly intelligent humans.

A dog going out the door just wants to party. Being locked up inside for eight hours and then bolting through the door has nothing to do with dominance. It has more to do with boredom.

And spite defined is: a desire to hurt, annoy or offend someone.

I’ll agree that our dogs do behaviors that do hurt, annoy and offend us but I am pretty sure spite is when it is done INtentionally. Your dog really does NOT poop on the floor to hurt or annoy you.

I know that it sometimes seems that way, but it really has more to do with confusion than spite.

The best course of action is to try and think more like your dog. They do not have the ability to think like us so we need to learn to think a little more like them.

And once you can do this you’ll have much better training results.

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