What would you consider America’s most sacred document?

What would you consider America’s most sacred document?

I would wager that most of you would say “The Declaration Of Independence.”

Did you know that the word “independence” does not appear in the The Declaration Of Independence.”

It’s titled “The Unanimous Declaration Of The Thirteen United States Of America,”

Which is a little bit of a shock because….

Americans take their freedom and independence very seriously – and for good reason.

I think we are so closely tied to our freedom that we have a difficult time thinking about using crates.

About confining our dogs.

Just yesterday I was working with the nicest, sweetest lady you could ever meet.

She has a four month old Border Collie mix that is giving her a heck of a time in the house.

Her days are spent chasing and getting frustrated with this pup. It is a constant battle for her trying to stay one step ahead. Trying to make sure there is nothing on the counters.

That no shoes or socks are on the floor. That all her plants are out of reach.

Her first words to me were: “I’m quickly losing the battle,”

My response was simple. I said.

“The battle is over.”

“You see, the battle is over because your pup is no longer going to able to do the behaviors that upset you. From this point forward your pup will have zero freedom in the house.” I added.

“From now on your pup is going to be in the x-pen, on a leash, or tethered to something secure in the room.”

She pulled back and said: “I don’t know if I can do that.”

The thought of completely taking away her pup’s freedom was almost too much for her.

Here is some of the best advice any dog trainer can give you:

If you have a pup or newly adopted dog do NOT give any freedom until he has learned the rules of the house.

No chewing, no stealing, no jumping, no peeing or pooping in the house and so on.

Think this is harsh?

A puppy can easily ingest your socks and die. Your dog can chew on an electrical cord.

Peeing and pooping will ruin your carpets.

Too much freedom and your dog can get injured or die.

Don’t give your pup too much freedom or independence in the house until they have earned it.

This will help establish leadership, your dog will be much safer, and the stress level will be reduced.

Of course you have to make sure your dog is getting enough exercise. Remember ADTM’s rules of dog training success

1. Good management of behavior.
2. Exercise – physical and mental.
3. Leadership.
4. Balanced obedience training.

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