Why Mother In Laws Get Mad At Me

It’s funny how any dog in my universe is supposed to be 100% completely trained.

My sister used to always have Thanksgiving dinner at her house and she would invite her husband’s parents over. My sister had two dogs at the time and they would bark and jump on people as they came in the house.

My sister’s mother in law would always look at me and raise her eyebrows. She would sometimes say, “Can’t you do anything about this?”

I would always politely nod my head and reply. “Yes, of course I can. I can stop jumping in three minutes or less. I am the Amazing Dog Training Man afterall.”

I would then add, “But they are not my dogs and it would better if the my sister and your son did the training instead of me.”

You see, a behavior problem is really what ever the owner deems a problem.

My daughter Sara and her boyfriend have a great mix breed, Tig, that loves to jump when you greet him. Her boyfriend loves that Tig jumps so who would I be to stop this behavior if they are fine with it.

So here is my advice for you this morning. This is especially important advice if more than one person lives in the house.

Write down all the behaviors you want to STOP.

Make sure everyone in the house is in agreement that you are going to make a commitment to end the behaviors you have all agreed on.

Then head over to the Good K9 Manners Program to discover how you STOP unwanted behaviors once and for all.

It’s fast.

And it works.

Good K9 Manners Program



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