Why You Should Question Everyone – Including (GASP) Me

My good friend, Gena, just got a puppy.

She just brought home a Brittany Spaniel and her first call was to me for some advice.

She’s a very smart women.

And I am all about giving new puppy advice because…..

…..much of what I advise flies in the face of conventional wisdom.

Start training early.

Socialize like crazy.

Play tug and….


…..let the puppy (GASP) sleep in the bed with you.

This is where some people lose it with me so before you decide to tune me out let me state my case.

FIRST: In my informal survey that I have conducted over the past decades of dog training I would have to say that about 80% of dog owners allow their dog to sleep in their bed.

SECOND: I truly believe that it is kind of cruel to take a puppy away from his mother and littermates and shove the little guy in a crate in a room away from everyone including his new human family. Dogs are extremely social creatures and putting them in a crate is harsh – go ahead, call me a big mushy wimp.

THIRD: Talk to any vet, breeder, groomer, or trainer and they will tell you that you have to “bond” with your puppy. There is no better way to bond with your pup or new dog than by letting them sleep on the bed with you.

FOURTH: You’ll get some sleep and in the long run your pup will probably be in the bed with you anyway.

Now – the argument is that your dog will never learn to accept the crate and demand the bed.

Which is correct IF you don’t do any training. My pups were allowed to sleep on the bed and then they were taught to accept and like the crate.

And if your pup sleeping on the bed with you freaks you out, don’t do it. Simple.

Anyway, Gena was extremely happy to hear my advice because everyone else was telling her differently.

I’ve said it before but getting a pup can be confusing because there’s so much conflicting information and much of it is based on old, outdated opinions and theories so my best advice for you is to:

Question everything the “experts” say and look for reasons why they give the advice they do.

I don’t care if it is a big name TeeVee star or the  guy down the street. Question everyone and everything and then come to me for the right answers. I’ll never steer you in the wrong direction.

And the best place to ask questions is over at The Dog Training Inner Circle. It is THE place to get dog training advice and help. Here’s where to go if you want IN:

Dog Training Inner Circle 



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