The INVISIBLE LEASH®, a complete dog training system, was developed by Eric Letendre for two reasons:

1. Safety & 2. Freedom

Ultimately, the main reason for training dogs is to keep them SAFE. There’s no denying it, a trained dog is a safe dog. A trained dog is safe around people, other dogs, and family pets. A trained dog is safe because it doesn’t do behaviors that will earn it a one way ticket to the local shelter. A trained dog is safe because if it gets loose, it will come back when called.

A trained dog also has a much higher quality of life because it can experience FREEDOM. A dog can’t have off leash freedom without excellent obedience. A dog’s quality of life improves drastically when it can be off leash and sniff, explore, exercise, and more. None of this is possible until you have a dog who will come back to you in any situation.

Dog owners have used the INVISIBLE LEASH® to achieve extremely high levels of off leash obedience. I want every dog to live its best life. Don’t get me wrong, a dog can have a good life on leash. But, a dog with INVISIBLE LEASH® training can have an amazing life. The INVISIBLE LEASH® can be started with puppies as young as 8-weeks old.

Meet Eric Letendre

Eric Letendre, Professional Dog Trainer

Since 1988, Eric Letendre has worked with and trained dogs from all angles. He is a former Fall River, MA Animal Control Officer, Security K-9 Supervisor, has helped train dogs at most of the shelters in the SouthCoast, and has been training family dogs since 1995. He has been training dogs at his current facility at 1180 State Road in Westport, MA since 2017 where he helps hundreds of dog owners every week from all over Eastern MA and RI.

Eric is the author of five dog training books (available on Amazon) and has experienced and worked with every breed and behavior problem imaginable. Eric’s popular YouTube channel has over 13 million views of its videos and he helps thousands of dog owners all over the world through his popular weekly emails.

Knowing dog owners need fast and effective solutions, Eric has developed the INVISIBLE LEASH® Dog Training System. Based on a solid foundation of scientific training principles, it will train your dog to STOP the behaviors you don’t want– jumping, barking, chewing, etc. and do more of the behaviors you DO want– sit, down, come, walk, etc. 

Eric runs his dog training school along with his wife, Rachael, and his young children Scarlett and Spencer who can usually be found either helping out in the office or being used as “distractions” during certain training sessions.

Getting Started Is Easy

Because enrollment in all our programs is ongoing – you don’t ever need to wait for a new class to start. For many of our programs, you can even schedule your first lesson right on that page. 

Not sure which program is right for you and your dog? No problem! Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation. We’ll meet with you and your dog in our state-of-the-art facility and get to know each other better. We’ll have an opportunity to see first-hand what you’re struggling with and discuss your training goals. We’ll make sure we have the right program for your needs and ensure we’re a good fit for you and your dog. We want you to be successful! 

Free consultations are by appointment only and can be scheduled during the daytime and evening hours Monday – Thursday and Saturdays. We are conveniently located at 1180 State Road in Westport, MA, just minutes off Rt. 195.

You can use the button below to schedule your free consultation, or if you prefer, you can always call our office at 774-319-6351 and we’d be happy to speak to you!

Eric Letendre's Dog Training School
Eric Letendre's Dog Training School
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