INVISIBLE LEASH® Level 2 Program

Our award winning INVISIBLE LEASH® Level 2 Program is the 2nd step of an innovative dog training system developed by Eric Letendre after over thirty years in the trenches – training dogs day after day, week after week, year after year. 

In the Level 2 INVISIBLE LEASH® training, you’ll be taking the next step towards off leash control. You’ll learn how to transition from on leash to off leash. This level focuses on your dog becoming better at what they have learned in Level 1 and introduces off leash training tools and techniques. It combines both private instruction and group classes so you and your dog get the best of both worlds – personalized, one-one-one training and the benefits of the mild distractions that a group setting offers! 

The best dog training school in New England will help your dog transform into an beloved family member through our specialized INVISIBLE LEASH® System

Eric Letendre's INVISIBLE LEASH® Level 2 Dog Training Program

The 4 Key Elements of our Level 2 Program

  • Control

    In order for your dog to be off leash you must have verbal control. In Level 2 training you will learn how to get better control over your dog using just your voice.

  • Safety

    The most important reason for training your dog is safety. When your dog is off leash, you need to keep your dog safe. You’ll learn the commands and techniques to keep your dog safe off leash.

  • Distractions

    Training requires your dog to listen to you no matter what is going on in the environment. You dog will learn to ignore distractions and respond to your commands.

  • Trust

    As you progress through higher levels of training the trust between you and your dog will grow stronger. Going off leash requires trust in your dog and the training. Learning the INVISBLE LEASH® Training System develops a strong bond between dog and owner.

Eric Letendre's INVISIBLE LEASH® Level 2 Dog Training Program

INVISIBLE LEASH® Level 2 Program Details

The INVISIBLE LEASH® Level 2 Program starts with two private training sessions where you and your puppy will meet one-on-one with the trainer at our facility.

In the Private Lessons you and your dog will learn:
  • Intro to off leash obedience
  • How to get your dog to respond to your verbal commands at a distance
  • The best techniques for complete off leash control
  • Taking the first steps to higher levels of INVISIBLE LEASH® training

After that, you’ll attend eight small half-hour group classes (once/week). These are opportunities to continue to work on your training and trouble shoot any stumbling blocks. These can be completed at your own pace. You do not need to attend every week for six weeks. We also understand schedules can be complicated so you do not need to attend the same day/time each week. Pick the classes that fit your schedule.

During the six Small Group Classes, you and your dog will learn:
  • The three most important commands your dog must know before going off leash.
  • You’ll begin taking the next steps to going completely off leash with your dog.
  • How to reliably get your dog to come back to you around any distractions.
  • How to walk in heel position at your side off leash around distractions
  • How to hold the stay position for longer periods with distractions
  • How to quickly respond to your verbal commands in any situation on or off leash
  • A free copy of Eric’s INVISIBLE LEASH® Level 2 Program Book (also available on Amazon)
  • Free access to the INVISIBLE LEASH® Level 2 Program online course while enrolled in the program
Cost for the Entire Program: $675

If you are ready to get started, call the office at 774-319-6351 and we’ll find a day and time that works you.


No. The INVISIBLE LEASH® Dog Training System is a progressive system and to ensure everyone is on the same page, no levels can be skipped. In the Level 1 Program we teach a very specific communication system that will be used through out all three levels.

You can train to any level with the INVISIBLE LEASH® Training System. We offer different classes to fit your needs. We offer a Canine Good Citizen program. We also offer FIDO training. FIDO training stands for:

  • F – Fun
  • I – Indoor
  • D – Dog
  • O-Obstacle and Obedience training

FIDO is our version of agility training. We do obstacles and obedience training during the class.

YES! Any breed can learn the INVISBLE LEASH® system. We have helped what are considered the most difficult breeds to go off leash: Beagles, Bassett hounds, huskies, Cane Corso, and more.

Getting Started Is Easy

If you have completed our INVISIBLE LEASH® Level 1 Training Program and are ready to move on to Level 2 – give our office a call at 774-319-6351 and we’ll schedule your first Level 2 lesson on a day and time that works for you.

Not quite sure if Level 2 is right for you and your dog? Schedule a free no-obligation consultation with one of our trainers to get answers to all your questions.

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Dog Training Testimonials
"I can't say enough amazing things about this training school! We moved to Rhode Island about a year ago with our 2 huskies, both under the age of 3. And they had all your typical husky behaviors, loving yet stubborn, happy yet wild, sweet yet mischievous. I was searching for a dog trainer and decided to try Eric Letendre because 1) it had the best reviews in the region and now I know why and 2) someone actually recommended it to me by word of mouth. THIS WAS THE BEST DECISION WE EVER MADE! I did Level 1 training with both dogs and the Level 2 Training. I was in tears of joy just last weekend when I was able to go on a hike with one of my huskies totally off leash - it was AMAZING! I never thought in a million years this would have been possible. Just 3 months ago we had an incident where one of my huskies ran off, and just 3 months later, today - this concern is completely gone. This Training school has the tools and support to completely transform your dog in the best way possible. They focus on safety first and training the humans as much as the dogs - which I think is equally as important. And the best part of bringing your dog here is that once you complete once of the classes, you can keep coming back for refresher courses - for free! They understand that some dogs need just 3 classes and some might need 10. They will flex and adapt to you and your dog's needs, and they do it willingly. You will LOVE working with them! Go sign up now - you will not regret it."
Amanda Alexander
Dog Training Testimonials
"5 stars. Eric and his team are on point. Very educated, and awesome communicators helped my wife and I train our German shorthaired pointer from puppy class through remote collar training. The best around."
Jon Bednarz
Dog Training Testimonials
"My German shepherd and I started with the puppy obedience classes. We are now doing the private Level 2 training and I have seen improvement all around! Very happy with results. My boy gets a lot of compliments on his behavior out in public now. This school is amazing!"
Kylie Tavares
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