INVISIBLE LEASH® Behavior Modification Program

Does your dog display any of the following behaviors?

  • Loses his mind whenever someone rings the doorbell or walks by the house?
  • Suffers from separation anxiety or displays overly anxious behavior in new situations?
  • Is growling or showing aggressive behavior toward other dogs or people?
  • Lunging and snapping on leash when out for a walk?
  • Making you nervous when the grandkids or neighborhood children come by because you aren’t quite sure how your dog is going to react?
  • Tormenting the cat or other small pets?
  • Showing aggression toward possessions like toys, food bowls, or beds?

If you answered “YES” to any of the above, our Behavior Modification Program Can Help!

Eric Letendre's Dog Training School Behavior Modification Program

INVISIBLE LEASH® Behavior Modification Program Details

The INVISIBLE LEASH® Behavior Modification Program includes three private training session where you and your dog will meet one-on-one with the trainer at our facility.

In the Private Lessons you and your dog will learn:
  • Proper and effective management techniques
  • How to structure the relationship so that your dog looks to you as the leader
  • A simple and straight-forward four-word communication system
  • How to stop any unwanted behavior – FAST!
  • How to prevent backsliding
  • How to walk politely on leash in all situations, even with distractions
  • How to go to place and “settle” on command
  • How to reinforce good manners and how to prevent future behavior problems

You’ll also have access 24/7 to our online Behavior Modification Program digital course to help reinforce what you have learned in the live training sessions and to answer any questions.

Cost for the Entire Program: $425

If you are ready to get started, use the button to schedule your first private lesson. Once you have attended your first private lesson, you will be able to schedule your additional private lessons and receive access to the online course. Or if you’d prefer, you can also call the office at 774-319-6351 and we’d be happy to do it for you


Yes! During our three private sessions, we will focus exclusively on fixing once and for all your particular issues.

Most likely! Many behavior problems are actually solved in the very first session. 

Yes! We will use the private training sessions to get your dog comfortable and calm around other dogs and then you can jump into the group classes at a discounted rate.

Getting Started Is Easy

You can schedule the first private session at a date and time that is convenient for you. You can even do it right from this page! Once that lesson is completed, you can schedule the next private session and you’ll be given access to the online program.

If you are ready to solve your dog’s behavior problems once and for all, go ahead and click on the button below to schedule your first private lesson.

Not quite sure? Schedule a free no-obligation consultation with one of our trainers to visit our facility, ask your questions, and see first-hand if we are a good fit.

Eric Letendre's Dog Training School
Eric Letendre's Dog Training School

We've Trained Thousands Of Dogs All Over MA & RI

Dog Training Testimonials
"Best dog trainer ever! For almost 2 years, we were having issues with our dog being scared of strangers—barking and growling when new people came over. We tried so many methods of showing him that not all strangers are bad but nothing was working. I finally contacted Eric and I kick myself for waiting so long! He corrected this behavior issue within ONE 30 minute session. I seriously could not believe how effective it was! He explained our dogs behavior in a way I had never even considered before. If you’ve been looking for a dog trainer, whether for basic obedience or any sort of behavioral training, contact Eric Letendre! We are sooo happy that we went to him."
Rebecca Barret
Dog Training Testimonials
"I highly recommend Eric Letendre’s Dog Training School! My 3 y/o English Springer Spaniel was a leash pulling, reactive dog- barking and lunging at people, other dogs, cars, and trucks on our walks. I was often embarrassed and would avoid these situations by turning and going the other way. Yesterday I received the best compliment from a construction crew worker . As we passed noisy trucks paving a neighbors driveway he said “ Nice dog. He is very well trained.” That made my day! Using the tools and techniques we learned from Eric and Claire are making a huge difference with Tucker."
Lynne Vickery
Dog Training Testimonials
"My shepherd was a surrender, at 8 months, back to the breeder. I got him at 9 months. It was quickly clear I needed help. My dog had little prior socializing, and had not been worked on a leash. I live in a condensed neighborhood. I would walk him and when people and dogs, as well as many other moving smaller animals came into view, it sent him into a craze. Being personally afraid of shepherds from childhood, I thought I had a leash aggressive dog. He would bark and lunge, standing on his hind legs trying to get to what ever it was. Once, he even did this, from across the street, to a mom pushing her new baby,. I was horrified. I thought I was going to have to give him up. In came Eric. He told me I had a beautiful great shepherd. I wasn’t sure. He told me to trust him, and I really liked my dog. I knew he and I both deserved a chance, so I trusted Eric. I did what he told me to do. Little things, like not free feeding, only one tug toy that I controlled the play of, was a quick start. I learned Eric’s steps to teach my dog to live on my terms. I have an amazing, smart, funny, lovable (still talkative), and sweet shepherd. I now look forward to challenges with him for training. I don’t have to avoid people or dogs anymore. Last night I took him to the Plymouth water front. He heeled like the pro I am working him to be. Training was a 40 minute drive each way, but so worth every foot. If I hadn’t found and believed in Eric, I could have given my buddy up. Thank you Eric, for believing in me, and in my new best friend!!!!"
Nikki Coffin
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