13 Years Ago I Trained My Dogs With Eric Letendre

Dog Training Dartmouth MA"The challenge loomed large with two standard poodle puppies only four months apart. Having been involved in Eric's training classes 13 years ago, we knew who to call."

"Lexi and Ella are well on their way to becoming happy, well-behaved dogs thanks to Eric's expertise in training and recognizing a canine's ability to learn. We are so pleased with the fine results after attending Obedience Training classes One & Two. With both pups less than a year old, Eric has instilled confidence in us that we can be trained to raise well-mannered dogs in the presence of other dogs and people."

"He is excellent at getting to the point in an entertaining and lively environment. In a short period of time we and the pups have learned so much with more to come. The reward has been worth every effort ten fold!"

Jill Law - Dartmouth, MA

Dog Training Help Acushnet MA

Dog Training Acushnet MA"When I was searching for the right dog trainer I was weary of dog training techniques, methods and opinions. It was very confusing. I was lucky enough to find Eric! I am pleased to say his methods of training are not invasive, he is understanding and treats every dog respectfully. Most importantly the results and behavior transformation is instant. Day one of class one you will get results quickly and positively; your dog to live a better more obedient life! I highly recommend Eric for the most difficult situations with your dog. And I also recommend him for simple problems and obedience training. He is an amazing trainer!"

Rebecca Gomes - Acushet MA

Dog Training In Westport MA For Unruly German Shepherd

Sky is a beautiful, young German Shepherd who would jump, pull on leash, and was difficult to control, especially at the Vet’s office. After a few dog training sessions in Westport, Massachusetts Sky did excellent at her next Vet exam.

Sky Dog Training Westport MA"Sky was seen yesterday at Acoaxet Veterinary Clinic in Westport, Mass. We were very satisfied! They handled her excellently, and she responded really well. Sky did so much better! When people made comments about how well she was behaving, (even in the waiting room!) I told them 'Eric Letendre' taught her, and us!... He is a patient person! They did say they like you around there too! It was quite 'cute', as at one point the vet referred to you as "Uncle Eric" when addressing Sky! And I know Sky is thankful!"

"Also, God's best to you, your wife, and family! Thanks again!"

Vicki Moreau Wilding - Westport MA

Do It! Dog Training Advice From Westport Dog Owner

"The biggest challenge for us was jumping and coming when called. No is the magic word Eric taught us. He rarely does anything wrong but if he does he stops immediately. You can see that Eric loves is job and the best part is he came to my house to do the dog training. If someone was to ask me about hiring Eric I would say “Do it!!!!”

Meagan Medeiros - Westport MA

Owner No Longer A Chew Toy In Acushnet, MA

Ray Galuska needed some dog training help in Acushnet, MA. He contacted us about his little Scottie that had been using him as a chew toy. He also had a difficult time walking her. Here is what he had to say about the training:

"Eric always came in and was ready to answer any question and you could tell he truly loves dogs. I would most positively recommend calling him and I am sure he will help with whatever problem you have. Our groomer, Karen Reynolds at Coats N Tails in New Bedford, MA, had Eric help train her dog and also had success."

Raymond Galuska - Acushnet, MA

Sully From Dartmouth Excelled In Dog Training Class

Sully Dog Training Dartmouth MA"I really enjoyed the class. Sully and I got a lot out of it. I highly recommend Eric Letendre for all of your dog obedience training, no matter what you or your dog's needs are."

Steven Sullivan - Dartmouth, MA

Dog Training Success In Tiverton RI

Dog Training Tiverton RIHere is what Potter League for Animals Volunteer of the Year had to say about Eric Letendre’s dog training:

“Love your common sense approach...
put into understandable plain English...
with a twist of humor...
your email newsletter is always an interesting read."

"A down to earth guy with unparalleled experience.”

Mark Ventura - Tiverton RI

New Bedford, MA Golden Needed Dog Training

Elizabeth in New Bedford, MA has a Golden Retriever that needed dog training. Jack (her Golden) had a problem with jumping, chewing and coming when called. Now she states:

“Jack comes immediately when called. Eric has a way with using consistency and a reward system for obedience. The Amazing Dog Training Man is AMAZING!"

Elizabeth Wolstenholme - New Bedford, MA

Many Dogs To Train In This Westport, MA Family

Carla, in Westport, MA, has multiple dogs that needed dog training. Her biggest challenge was getting all of her dogs to listen. Here is her success story:

"I love the fact that not only is Eric's training not gonna make us broke... he's very understanding and easy to work with. And the dogs love him!! Eric is very reasonably priced and can train ANY kind of dog with problems."

Carla Berthiaume - Westport, MA

Benny Was Crazy

Leslie & Maria Verissimo contacted me because of their little dog, Benny. Benny is a very cute, very smart little dog but he had one big problem. He would bark his head off and jump like crazy when someone walked into the house. We did three training sessions with Benny and now he is well-behaved and listens to his commands. Leslie wrote us to state:

“We want to thank you so much for helping us with Benny. He is like a new dog! My mom is enjoying him so much more now that he isn't always jumping and barking every time someone walks through the door and she is loving how he is listening to her, especially with the sit/stay/come commands... thank you again. We are very happy.”

Leslie Verissimo - Dartmouth, MA

Expelled From Puppy School

Charlie was expelled from puppy class at seven months old. He was on two different medications and was on his way to see a veterinary behaviorist in Boston to get a prescription for Prozac. Here is what happened to him:

Puppy Training East BridgewaterThanks to you, Eric, for helping Charlie become the happy go lucky dog he is today. It's hard to believe that back in May he was known as "crazy Charlie" at the vet's office and had already been expelled from puppy kindergarten at the tender age of 7 months. After 2 different medications to calm him and almost making the trip to Boston to see if he should be on puppy Prozac, I fortunately found you on the internet and you and your methods were able to work wonders. We can now take Charlie anywhere and he behaves. Everyone loves him because he's so friendly and happy all the time. You truly are the Amazing Dog Training Man. We're looking forward to the next class.

Marie Connolly - East Bridgewater, MA

Eric Always Has The Answer

Lindsey Pinkerton, in Little Compton, RI needed dog training for her Rhodesian Ridgeback, Sophie. Sophie did not listen to Lindsey or anyone else. Here is how she described the training:

Dog Training With Sophie Pinkerton in Little Compton, RI“Eric always has the answer. Whatever the problem is, he can solve it (sounds like a Vanilla Ice song from the ‘90s). And the answer usually isn't very complicated… sometimes it seems obvious after he says it, but it is invaluable to have him point out the things that we don't even realize we do when we interact with our dog. He gave us simple solutions that were easy to implement and for many things, it solved problem behaviors almost instantly.

Hands down the best money you'll ever spend on anything in your life. Eric is the best! He will help you get the dog you dreamed of when you brought home that puppy in the first place! It'll make everyone in your house happier, including the dog! Now that Sophie knows what we expect from her, she is much happier, our daily lives are much calmer and the relationship that my kids have with her is so much more rewarding.”

Lindsey Pinkerton - Little Compton, RI

Recall Dog Training Class Important

I like Eric's concept of offering classes that focus on particular obedience exercises. The "Recall" class in of great importance to every dog and their owner!

Eric's knowledge of the "canine" philosophies in all aspects of training is invaluable. Thank you Eric for sharing your knowledge with all of us. You are a true dog lover!

Vickie Patridge Middletown, RI

Weekly Dog Training Classes are Great

Your weekly E-mails are great, friendly, fun, and informative. Your classes are also great. My stubborn little beagle is now walking very nicely on his leash. Thanks for a great all around experience.

Leslie Hogan South Dartmouth, MA

Dog Training Style is Fun

Eric Letendre's training style is consistent, informative, and fun. If you make mistakes, he helps you correct them in a way that encourages you to keep trying. If you're looking for a positive training class that is fun for both you and your dog, I highly recommend Eric Letendre.

Sue Sullivan Potter League For Animals, Volunteer of the Year 2001

Dog Training Easy to Understand

Eric is very easy to understand. He explains the training techniques clearly and simply. He offers encouragement for the owner as well as the dog. He is very helpful in addressing individual problems unique to your dog. Eric always has good suggestions that work. The class is fun!

Kiki Mitchell Middletown, RI

Positive Dog Training Methods

Eric's years of "positive" dog training methods have remedied many behavior problems with our dogs- making them more likely to be adopted. We often recommend obedience classes with Eric to promote continuing good doggy conduct in our dogs after they find homes, to assure that they remain well-mannered members of their new family.

Eric has been extremely generous in donating time and much needed funds to our organization. We are grateful for all that Eric does for Placing Paws.

Patty Garber Placing Paws, Board of Directors

Dog Trainer, Dr. Letendre

Dear Dr. Letendre,

You are not only a dog trainer, YOU ARE A THERAPIST! I can remember countless hours you have spent working with Emma. You listened to us voice our fears, dreams, hopes, and concerns about her. The truth is you have always believed in her, even when we have not. Thanks for everything.

Mike & Lori Yelnosky Tiverton, RI

The Dog Training Class is Excellent

The class was excellent! Happy is a service dog in training, so the skills Eric taught are vitally important. Every skill taught is based on positive reinforcement - something that Paws With A Cause insists upon.

The class in not only informative, but fun! The techniques that Eric uses are simple, yet effective. Happy goes to school with me every day (I teach 8th grade special education). Each student in my class spends about ten to fifteen minutes helping to training Happy and graphing his progress.

I have taught the students the techniques that Eric uses. The students not only were able to use the techniques, but found almost instantaneous results.

Bonnie Pansa Tiverton, RI

Better Dog Owners

We have become better owners because of what we have learned from Eric. We have gotten knowledge and help that we wouldn't have gotten anyplace else.

Sheila & Peter Hagensen Portsmouth, RI

Gentle, Effective Dog Training Methods

In October, Abby came into our lives with the force of a hurricane. Four months later, as we continued to work at convincing ourselves that her ping-pong behavior was simply healthy exuberance, we saw the first signs of aggressiveness towards other dogs. Fortunately, our Vet recommended a visit to Eric Letendre.

Thanks to Eric's astute evaluation and very workable suggestions, Abby's behavior quickly improved. She began to attend dog daycare, where she played and interacted with other dogs.

After a few private lessons with Eric, where he taught us some key management techniques, we joined a training class - not a bark or lunge on Abby's part!

I hesitate to think of Abby's fate had we not found Eric. His gentle, but very effective training methods worked wonders with her. His expertise, confidence, and obvious love of dogs worked wonders with us.

When Abby is in daycare, or boarding with Eric, we're certain that she is as well cared for as she would be at home. Abby is becoming more enjoyable every day, and we're having fun training her and watching her progress. Thank you Eric!

Marcia Albert Dartmouth, MA

Just Like John McEnroe

Eric knows what dogs are thinking about. It's the same gift that enables John McEnroe to be such a good tennis commentator. He knows what the players are thinking and what the players are likely to do.

When my beagle wouldn't obey a particular command in dog school, Eric suggested that the dog was confused. He said, "Your dog is thinking you meant something else." The he would clarify the command by hand signals or voice, and it worked. We are indebted to Eric. My hyper Minnie beagle is now normal, and so is my wife.

Bill Easman Little Compton, RI

Basset Hounds Are Trainable

Another trainer told us that for the most part, Basset Hounds are not trainable. We met Eric, liked what we saw, and signed up for a class.

The manner in which the training is conducted is extremely important. Dogs aren't cowering and there's no yelling. We were most impressed with the technique Eric taught us to stop our dog from jumping on people. We've shown it to every person coming to our home. We would recommend Eric Letendre to anyone seeking help with their dog, and plan to take more classes.

Donna Cabral Westport, MA

Help for a First-Time Dog Owner

Your class and E-zine have helped me, a first time dog owner, successfully rescue a "pound puppy" who needed serious lessons on how to act with people. Both Cody and I are grateful for your guidance, and I believe it's helped me have a better, happier experience as a dog owner.

Thanks again!

Diane Sterrett Tiverton, RI

Ezine Full of Practical Dog Training Information

Your E-zine has given new and practical information about dog (and human) behavior, as well as reinforced some of the things we learned in your classes and in speaking with you.

Matt and I know that kindness towards animals pays off, and that is what makes your methods workable for people of any age. We've seen very young and very old people with very active pets attending your classes, and all we humans have benefited. Our dog Sam is a very different dog from when we first adopted him because of the way we learned to work with him. Also, I got over my "big dog" fear, and truly enjoy his company.

You are well-respected and well-known and it's well-deserved. When your name came up about a month ago, I commented to someone that you are kind of like Cher (I'm sure you are wondering where this is going, or maybe you've heard it before)...Lots and lots of people refer to you simply as "Eric" (no last name), and everyone knows who they are talking about.

Thank you again!

Ann Jankowski Adamsville, RI

Avoid Dog Training Insanity

Eric Letendre was recommended to me by several sources. I then decided to take a look at his website. In doing so, I signed up to receive Eric's weekly E-zine. I found the information in the E-zine to make sense, be extremely helpful, and most importantly, be achievable.

I have two dogs who have extremely different temperaments and energy levels. I find that Eric's methods work equally well with both of them. Also, I have begun, and continue to be, more in tune with how my dogs think, and why they do what they do. This is a huge breakthrough, and is a concept I had not given much thought to in the past.

What I admire most about Eric's training concepts is that they apply obedience training successfully without the means of force that may ultimately harm, injure, or backfire later on. It's been great to realize that training may be accomplished without the owner becoming over frustrated or completely insane.

Jen Swidey South Dartmouth, MA

You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

Zeus was an adoptee and was five years old when we got him. Most recently, at the age of ten, he has completed Eric's Level 3 training. It goes to show you that you can teach an old dog new tricks.

It's been a pleasure doing business with Eric, and I never worry when Zeus is an overnight guest or a trainee.

Patti MacMillen Westport, MA

Positive Dog Training Class is Incredible

Eric Letendre's positive training class is incredible. Through the techniques that I have learned, I have achieved exactly what I wanted. I now have a dog that everyone loves and wants to be around. She is well-behaved and understands specific commands. The training is fun for the dog and practicing is all about rewards. The best thing about the class is that it works.

Sally Schnider Newport, RI

East Providence RI Animal Shelter

The staff of the East Providence Animal Control Facility would like to extend our appreciation to you on behalf of our dog Shady. It is not often that someone will extend themselves to a "pound puppy." Your knowledge and willingness to help has made a difference to Shady. I am sure that he looked forward to his Saturday morning training sessions. We want to thank you very much for all you have done, caring enough to help one of our dogs. And of course, a very BIG thank you from Shady.

Jan Mitchell Shelter Supervisor, East Providence Animal Shelter

Training a Candy Bar

Thank you so much for your assistance in helping me train my new puppy, Nestle Crunch. Without your help, he was uncontrollable. Now, he's well-behaved and learning new tricks. I will recommend your classes to anyone who has a new puppy or dog needing a gentle way to train.

Shirley Roy Fairhaven, MA

Rudy is a Better Dog

My dog Rudy and I attended classes with Eric Letendre. Rudy is a better dog and I am a better owner for doing so. The classes are informative and fun for both of us.

Carol Cabral North Dartmouth, MA

Dog Training Classes Are Fun and Enjoyable

Eric has a terrific sense of humor that makes his classes fun and enjoyable. At the Potter League for Animals, his classes are always well attended, with both the two legged and four legged participants learning a lot. Eric uses positive reinforcement training techniques, and has a commitment to help every family understand their dog's special needs and traits.

We see results of Eric's teaching style and commitment every day. If you want to be best friends with your dog and have the best life long relationship with your dog, don't hesitate to take a class with Eric Letendre.

Christie Smith Executive Director, Potter League for Animal

Nothing but Great Dog Training Results

Clients that we have recommended to Eric Letendre have come back with nothing but great results.

Dr. Jim Lunig, DVM Spinnaker Veterinary Clinic, Somerset, MA

Dog Training Classes Fun for Both You and Your Dog

I am the Director of Operations at the Potter League for Animals in Middletown, RI. Since Eric Letendre has been coming to the Potter League, we have seen an increase in adoptions and a decrease in returned dogs to the shelter. His style and great sense of humor during obedience class keeps bringing adopters back and spreading the word about positive reinforcement.

The dogs that are adopted from the Potter League may be rescued strays or dogs that have been voluntarily surrendered for adoption. How important is obedience training? Extremely important! Eric shows you one of the best ways for you to establish a relationship with your new dog, and to begin to develop a bond through obedience training. A class taught by Eric is full of positive reinforcement, lots of praise, and fun for both you and your dog. We hope Eric will help us train here at Potters for a long time, helping our new adopters.

Pearl Gonzalez Director of Operations, Potter League for Animals

Puppy Training Classes are Great Opportunity

Eric's classes are a great opportunity to work with your puppy. The socialization with other puppies teaches the puppies to get along with other dogs, which if you live in a one-dog family, is a great benefit.

Passing the puppies around the room is another great way to socialize the puppies, and it gives the puppy a chance to be handled by someone other than their own family. It also gives the puppy parents an opportunity to get acquainted with a different breed.

Most people who purchase a puppy have high expectations for their new little friend. When things don't go as smoothly as they had hoped, sometimes frustration sets in, and what should be a fun learning experience turns into something less.

Eric brings people together who share similar experiences, both good and bad. Your knowledge and easy manner gives us confidence to get our puppies the basic training they need to seamlessly fit into our families.

Thanks for all your help.

Ron & Linda Magliocco Rehoboth, MA

Better Understanding of Our Dog

When we first got our puppy, she was out of control. Going to Eric's puppy class has helped us out tremendously, and most of all, gave us a better understanding of how our pup thinks.

I was amazed that I could learn how to train my dog. Eric's patience and training style brings understanding our out of control puppy to the forefront.

Thank you Eric!

Paula Ferriera & Family Fall River, MA

Highly Refreshing Dog Training

My husband Michael and I have been practicing the training methods that we learned from Eric with our two very large dogs and the results are amazing. The training techniques are gentle and patient. With all the harsh and cruel dog training methods out there, Eric's methods are highly refreshing and truly invaluable.

Keep up the great work!

Lisa Lopes Middletown, RI

Canine ADHD

I thought my dog Kimmy was a candidate for canine ADHD before I met Eric. Now, she is well-behaved, obedient, and comes on command. She is also an American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen. It is all due to the training she received with Eric.

Sara Arruda Veterinary Technician Anchor Animal Hospital