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Dog Training Success Story Sophie Pinkerton
The Pinkerton family, in Little Compton, RI needed dog training for their Rhodesian Ridgeback, Sophie. Sophie did not listen to anyone in the house. Here is how they described the training:

“Eric always has the answer. Whatever the problem is, he can solve it (sounds like a Vanilla Ice song from the ‘90s). And the answer usually isn’t very complicated… sometimes it seems obvious after he says it, but it is invaluable to have him point out the things that we don’t even realize we do when we interact with our dog. He gave us simple solutions that were easy to implement and for many things, it solved problem behaviors almost instantly.

Hands down the best money you’ll ever spend on anything in your life. Eric is the best! He will help you get the dog you dreamed of when you brought home that puppy in the first place! It’ll make everyone in your house happier, including the dog! Now that Sophie knows what we expect from her, she is much happier, our daily lives are much calmer and the relationship that my kids have with her is so much more rewarding.”

Lindsey Pinkerton – Little Compton, RI

Before & After Dog Training Videos


CASE STUDY: Hunter is a seven-month Leonburger who was reactive and aggressive towards strange dogs on leash. Here are the results in the first session. Please note, no prong, choke or electronic collar was used to achieve the results you’ll see in the before and after videos.




CASE STUDY:This is Fritz who loved chasing the 50 chickens on his property in Tiverton, RI. This behavior was completely unacceptable to his owners. Here are two after videos that were filmed after two dog training sessions.

After 1

After 2


CASE STUDY: We did dog training in Acushnet, MA to help Nala, a Pit Bull, with an attitude towards other dogs when she is on leash. Nala did great with her training and quickly learned how to behave around other dogs. Check out the before and after videos to see the results.




CASE STUDY: Reactive Dog Training Class in Middletown RI. A big problem for dog owners is reactive, out of control behavior when their dogs are on leash. It is a very common behavior problem and can be brought under control in a short period of time.




CASE STUDY: A popular achievement for dog owners is the American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen Program. We offer classes which help prepare for the test. They cover the ten items that dogs need to pass to achieve this certification.

Class 1

Class 2


CASE STUDY: Dog training in Fall River, MA with Zeus the German Shepherd. Zeus is being trained to become a therapy dog. Here Zeus is doing beginning off-leash work.

Video 1

Video 2


CASE STUDY: Otis is learning how to come when called. He is set up to successfully complete the command. This dog training session was held in Dartmouth, MA. The other video is a dog training lesson with Rudy in New Bedford, MA. Rudy comes when called from a long distance off-leash.




CASE STUDY: In the first video you’ll see Diesel, a Rottweiler we did dog training with in Fairhaven, MA. Diesel was uncontrollable on leash. Within a few dog training sessions you can see Diesel walk past a strange dog with no reaction. The second video is with Lola. We provided in-home dog training for Lola in Fall River, MA.




CASE STUDY: Jake doing dog training in Dartmouth, MA. Cisco is doing his dog training on the beach in Westport, MA. Jake was learning how to bring his barking under control. Cisco is doing the stay command with a release and the come when called command.





Christina Wheeler
Christina Wheeler
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Eric Letendre's dog training is the best!! I got everything I was promised and more. He told me my 10 month old Boerboel who was lacking some manners would no longer have that problem when we were done training. I believed him because he is an honorable person....but I didn't really think it would be THAT FAST. Training and knowledge given is unbeatable. Eric you have made me and Max much wiser and happier. Look no further if you are looking for training! Christina - CT.
Kelsey Taylor
Kelsey Taylor
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We always thought our dog Buddy’s aggressive behavior was something we had to work around. Then, we brought him to Eric’s school. Eric taught us that our dog’s behavior stemmed from fear and it was something we could work on. Since taking him to private and group classes his anxiety has greatly decreased and we can bring him for walks, rides in the car, and he is generally more obident than before. He even joined the extended family for Thanksgiving and Christmas which we never thought was possible. There is always progress to be made, but many thanks to Eric for giving us the tools to move forward!
Ann Spousta
Ann Spousta
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Eric and his helpers have been working on helping his students and dogs with extra one-on-one help and I think the dogs learn more from their patience. Very happy I chose them for my dog training classes.
Richard Townsend
Richard Townsend
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After the initial meeting with Eric and our 13 month old Chocolate Lab, my dog was no longer a burden but a pleasure to be around... Un Believeable results...
Marlena Manchester
Marlena Manchester
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Just a few short months ago John & I were stressed taking our 3 Shepherds out for a walk the three of them would pull us all over the place. It was not fun and we didn't really want to walk them as it was so stressful. Thanks to Eric Letendre's Dog Training School in just a short time we have them working together and one or the other of us can take all three of them for walks now without any more pulling. Now we can enjoy our walks with them as much as they enjoy going out for a walk. Thank you Eric ever so much!
Lexi Anne
Lexi Anne
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Highly recommend Eric’s dog training school! We just finished up his program with our dog- and are so happy! Eric truly has a wonderful way with dogs and is certainly doing what he is meant to do. He provides a safe learning environment for you and your dog(s). Give his program a try for your furry family member!
Linda Silvia
Linda Silvia
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When I got my German Shepherd puppy I knew I wanted to bring her to training classes, I asked my veterinarian for a recommendation and they handed me Eric’s business card. I am so glad I chose to bring her there. From puppy class, to reactive dog class, to adult class and now on to off leash class and canine good citizen. I feel very comfortable, as does my dog, attending these classes. My dog has made tremendous improvements. We, look forward to going to class each week. I highly recommend Eric for all your dog training needs. He really knows his stuff.

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Do It! Dog Training Advice From Westport Dog Owner

"The biggest challenge for us was jumping and coming when called. No is the magic word Eric taught us. He rarely does anything wrong but if he does he stops immediately. You can see that Eric loves is job and the best part is he came to my house to do the dog training. If someone was to ask me about hiring Eric I would say, “Do it!!!!”

Meagan Medeiros - WESTPORT, MA

Owner No Longer A Chew Toy In Acushnet, MA

Ray Galuska needed some dog training help in Acushnet, MA. He contacted us about his little Scottie that had been using him as a chew toy. He also had a difficult time walking her. Here is what he had to say about the training:

"Eric always came in and was ready to answer any question and you could tell he truly loves dogs. I would most positively recommend calling him and I am sure he will help with whatever problem you have. Our groomer, Karen Reynolds at Coats N Tails in New Bedford, MA, had Eric help train her dog and also had success."

Raymond Galuska - ACUSHNET, MA

New Bedford, MA Golden Needed Dog Training

Elizabeth in New Bedford, MA has a Golden Retriever that needed dog training. Jack (her Golden) had a problem with jumping, chewing and coming when called. Now she states:

“Jack comes immediately when called. Eric has a way with using consistency and a reward system for obedience. The Amazing Dog Training Man is AMAZING!"

Elizabeth Wolstenholme - NEW BEDFORD, MA

Many Dogs To Train In This Westport, MA Family

Carla, in Westport, MA, has multiple dogs that needed dog training. Her biggest challenge was getting all of her dogs to listen. Here is her success story:

"I love the fact that not only is Eric's training not gonna make us broke... he's very understanding and easy to work with. And the dogs love him!! Eric is very reasonably priced and can train ANY kind of dog with problems."

Carla Berthiaume - WESTPORT, MA

Benny Was Crazy

Leslie & Maria Verissimo contacted me because of their little dog, Benny. Benny is a very cute, very smart little dog but he had one big problem. He would bark his head off and jump like crazy when someone walked into the house. We did three training sessions with Benny and now he is well-behaved and listens to his commands. Leslie wrote us to state:

“We want to thank you so much for helping us with Benny. He is like a new dog! My mom is enjoying him so much more now that he isn't always jumping and barking every time someone walks through the door and she is loving how he is listening to her, especially with the sit/stay/come commands... thank you again. We are very happy.”

Leslie Verissimo - DARTMOUTH, MA
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