Our award winning INVISIBLE LEASH® Canine Good Citizen Prep Class will prepare you and your dog to successfully complete the American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen program.

The Canine Good Citizen (CGC) program was established in 1989 by the American Kennel Club to promote responsible dog ownership and to encourage the training of well-behaved dogs. To become an official Canine Good Citizen, your dog must pass a short evaluation consisting of ten test items.

Why further your dog’s training with our CGC Prep Class?

  • Some homeowner’s insurance companies require a CGC Certification for certain breeds
  • Many Therapy Dog Organizations require a CGC Certification
  • It’s a great way to further your training to ensure a well-behaved family pet
  • It’s a great way to strengthen your bond with your dog and it’s fun!

The CGC certification is open to all. Your dog does not need to be registered with the AKC to participate. There is also no age minimums or limits

Eric Letendre's Dog Training School Canine Good Citizen Prep Class


The INVISIBLE LEASH® CGC Prep Class is for any dog that has completed at least our Level 1 Program. It can also be taken concurrently with Level 2 and Level 3. There is no private training session because you and your dog will have already learned our INVISIBLE LEASH® 4-Word Communication System, Letendre’s Learning Ladder, and the Letendre’s Training Triangle during our Level 1 Program.

Enrolling in our CGC Prep Class includes a 10-Class CGC punch card – good for our CGC Prep Classes (held on Saturdays at 9:15am), allowing you ample time to master the CGC test items. Enrollment is ongoing. You do not need to wait for a class to start. At your first class you will be issued a 10-class punch card to be used at your convenience.

During the 10 Small Group Classes, you and your dog will learn to master the following 10 Test Items:
  1. Accepting a friendly stranger.
  2. Sitting politely for petting.
  3. Allowing basic grooming procedures.
  4. Walking on a loose lead.
  5. Walking through a crowd.
  6. Sitting and lying down on command and staying in place.
  7. Coming when called.
  8. Reacting appropriately to walking by a dog and person.
  9. Reacting appropriately to distractions.
  10. Calmly enduring supervised separation from the owner.
Cost for the CGC 10-Class Punch Card: $395

If you are ready to get started please call the office at 774319-6351 to register for your first CGC Class. After the initial class, you may sign up for the additional nine classes using our Group Classes registration page


Maybe. We would ask that you come in first for a free consultation to determine if your dog’s current level of obedience is sufficient for the CGC Prep Program. 

We have an outside AKC certified evaluator come to our school once a quarter to administer the test to whoever would like to take it. 

While our CGC Prep Program is very comprehensive and will cover all test items thoroughly, there is no guarantee that your dog will pass the test. You will also need to practice the exercises at home in between classes. If you fail and would like more instruction, you can purchase an additional 10-class punch card at a reduced rate of $295.

Getting Started Is Easy

Because our enrollment is ongoing – you don’t need to wait for a new class to start. You can schedule the first CGC Prep class on a Saturday that is convenient for you. You do not need to attend all ten classes in a row.

If you are ready to continue your dog’s training at the award winning Eric Letendre’s Dog Training School, go ahead and call our office at 774-319-6351 to schedule your first CGC Prep Class

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"I highly recommend Eric's training if you want a dog that is a team player and part of your family. His methods work for both you and your dog - you have to put the work in but the rewards are worth it!"
Paul Ferland
Dog Training Testimonials
"I brought my Great Dane to Eric Letendre when she was 2 years old, because she was not cooperating either on-leash or off-leash. Within a short time of attending classes each week, my beautiful dog started paying attention and obeying commands. With further training by Eric and his staff, she is well-behaved and I get so much pleasure out of bringing her places without any stress of worrying about her behavior. She obeys all commands whether on or off-leash and this is the result of Eric's training. My dog is happy and calm in all situations. In each class, Eric takes time to listen to all of the dog owners who have questions or concerns about their dog's behavior, and he starts each class asking us how our dogs are doing and what we'd like to work on. The group classes are a pleasure to attend each week. Both my dog and I look forward to being there. Thank you so much to Eric and his staff."
Peggy Spencer
Dog Training Testimonials
"Our two dogs had terrible manners when guests came to the house. One would jump up and nip and the other would bark hysterically. After one session with Eric Letendre those behaviors were extinguished. At Christmas our entire family could not believe the difference! Also, no more incessant barking at other dogs when we pass them. I wish we had done this when they were puppies! Thank you, Eric!"
Jill Lillie
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