What Is A Reactive Dog?

“I’m afraid my dog is going to kill another dog,” Pamela said. She was sitting across from me talking about her dog Zeus. Zeus is a friendly, big, beautiful Rottweiler and as I looked back at Pamela, she teared up and added, “I love this big oaf but I don’t know if I can keep him.” Zeus has a common problem faced by many dog owners. Zeus loses his mind when he sees another dog. Pamela told me how she can barely hold him back if they encounter another dog. Zeus barks and lunges so hard he pulls her off… Read the rest

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Is There A Cure For The Reactive/Aggressive Dog?

Yes, but first let me share with you how I almost peed my pants. I’ll admit it. I was nervous. Even after all the years I have been in the business, working K9 security, as an animal control officer, with shelter dogs; when I see a 125 lbs American Bulldog come after me full force, barking and showing every intention of me leaving on a stretcher, I still feel the butterflies. A few weeks ago I met Quincy, the dog I just described above. He is five years old and his owners told me has dog aggression, scary stranger introductions,… Read the rest

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