Leash Walking Class In Dartmouth MA



Met with an old client yesterday in Dartmouth

Leash Walking Class In Dartmouth MA
Leash Walking Class In Dartmouth MA


He recently got a new puppy and couldn’t believe how bad his pup was on leash.

His new pup pulled and paid zero attention to him when they went walking.

Luckily he called me in to help because after spending a few minutes with the pup, I realized that he had a great little pup that would learn easy.

I informed my old client that we could fix his leash walking problems with one simple, easy exercise.

And I’m going to share it with you.

Here’s what happens:

When dogs are on leash (especially young dogs) they want to party. They want to check out their surroundings, sniff the ground, not to mention that we walk too damn slow for them.

So we need to teach your dog to focus a little more on you.

How do we do that? Glad you asked because we do it with one small step.

You see, you can get great results by taking just one small step. Done right, you’ll teach your dog to focus on you and stop when you stop.

So the next time you put your dog on leash, go outside and play around with your dog for a few minutes.

Then have your dog sit next to you. Get some attention by saying his name and then take one step and STOP.

Praise and reward your dog and then repeat. One step and STOP.

Do this exercise with enthusiasm and loads of praise. Make it fun and a game for your dog. You’ll see that your dog will start to focus on you and you’ll get great results.

Once you’ve done some one step stops, add in a few more steps. Take three steps and stop.

Take two steps and stop. Take five steps and stop. Take one step and stop.

I’m sure you get the picture.

The next step if you want even better leash walking results is to head over the Brand NEW Leash Walking Secrets Course.

This puppy is still priced at an incredibly low cost which won’t last much longer.

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