13 Years Ago I Trained My Dogs With Eric Letendre

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Dog Training Dartmouth MA“The challenge loomed large with two standard poodle puppies only four months apart. Having been involved in Eric’s training classes 13 years ago, we knew who to call.”

“Lexi and Ella are well on their way to becoming happy, well-behaved dogs thanks to Eric’s expertise in training and recognizing a canine’s ability to learn. We are so pleased with the fine results after attending Obedience Training classes One & Two. With both pups less than a year old, Eric has instilled confidence in us that we can be trained to raise well-mannered dogs in the presence of other dogs and people.”

“He is excellent at getting to the point in an entertaining and lively environment. In a short period of time we and the pups have learned so much with more to come. The reward has been worth every effort ten fold!”

Jill Law - Dartmouth, MA January 16, 2017