Just Say NO!

Pet photos with Santa was a lot of fun yesterday. We raised some cash for a great shelter, had some fun and I met some great dogs and people. One dog, a beautiful Black Lab, came and made his appearance known to everyone as he walked in. He barked and then charged in like Julian Edelman making a 69 yard touchdown pass. After his picture was taken I sat down with his owners. The women that owned him had done a great job training him. She had clicker trained him and he was excellent with his obedience but she thought… Read the rest

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The #1 Most Confusing Dog Training Question – Answered

Got a question yesterday. “Eric, everyone talks about positive reinforcement. Reward the dog for doing obedience, catch your dog doing something right. Focus on what your dog does good and try to not focus on the bad behavior. That is all good but what do I do if my dog jumps or steals food off the counter?” Great question and this often confuses people. Your training is NOT just about all about rewards. There are positive AND negative consequences. You use a positive consequence when you want your dog to do something you want – sit, down, stay, come, etc.… Read the rest

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