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How To Make A Very Good Dog

In The News! Our school and a few of our students were featured in an article in the Standard Times, written by Brian Lowney. Here is a great story my friend Brian Lowney over at The Standard Times in New Bedford, MA wrote about how to make a very good dog. It’s a quick two minute read (and features some of our clients!): How To Make A Very Good Dog… Read the rest

Is There A Cure For The Reactive/Aggressive Dog?

Yes, but first let me share with you how I almost peed my pants. I’ll admit it. I was nervous. Even after all the years I have been in the business, working K9 security, as an animal control officer, with shelter dogs; when I see a 125 lbs American Bulldog come after me full force, barking and showing every intention of me leaving on a stretcher, I still feel the butterflies. A few weeks ago I met Quincy, the dog I just described above. He is five years old and his owners told me has dog aggression, scary stranger introductions,… Read the rest

Does Dog Training Confuse You?

“Dog training is confusing.” This is a common statement I hear when I first meet with a new client. I hear this too: “I was told to never play tug with my dog.” “I read I am never supposed to say NO to my dog.” “My friend told me to never let my dog sleep on my bed.” “I heard you should never punish your dog.” I always tell my new clients the same thing: From this point forward, ignore everything you read and hear about dog training. Just ask me, I’ll give you the correct answers. I am half… Read the rest

Dog Training Can Literally Keep Your Dog Off Drugs

You think I am joking about keeping dogs off drugs. This short message can save your dog’s life but you may (GASP) disagree with me. When it comes to leash walking I inform every dog owner I work with the dog is not allowed to pull, bark or… wait for it… SNIFF! “What! My dog can’t sniff? That sounds crazy, my dog has to sniff. You may be a good dog trainer Mr. Amazing Dog Training Man but I must disagree with you on this one,” is a common retort. Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock, you know there… Read the rest

This Is The First Step For Successful Dog Training

Every week I work with roughly 40 to 50 dogs. Between private lessons and the group classes, I see a bunch of dogs each week. This week I have 39 private lessons and four group classes with 7 dogs in each class. So this week I will see 67 dogs for training. That’s a whole lotta puppies! I see everything from dogs with housetraining issues to ones who want to sink their teeth into any body part that gets close enough to their fangs. I am sharing this because I want you to be successful with your training. And if… Read the rest

Do you want to train your dog now… or next week?

Having a dog is unlike having any other pet. When you have a dog you must get interested in the training process. If you hate the thought of dog training a goldfish may be a better choice. You see, training is always happening. You are either training your dog or your dog is training you. Don’t believe me? Here are six common ways your dog will train you: Your dog will train you to hang on and use all your strength when you go for a walk. Your dog will train you to chase him around the coffee table when… Read the rest

Positive Reinforcement Dog Training Has Limitations

Positive reinforcement has its limitations. This is sure to get me in hot water. But in my never ending quest to help you understand and train your dog, I will forge on and brave the arrows to help you. We live in interesting times. The dog training world is no exception. There is a HUGE movement to convince dog owners they can NEVER, under any circumstances, use any sort of negative consequence with their dog. No fear, no force, no pain, no discomfort… EVER! Here is the problem with the no fear, no force, no pain, no discomfort agenda. Veterinarians… Read the rest

“I don’t know if I can keep this dog.”

“I don’t know if I can keep this dog.” I hear those nine words every week. It is followed with: “I love this dog but I can’t live with him. He jumps, bites, grabs the leash making walks impossible.” With tears in their eyes they add how their dog can be really good at times but when he gets excited and overstimulated, they can’t handle him. I really do understand what the dog owners are going through. They feel guilty, frustrated, depressed, and angry all at the same time. In many ways it is NOT the dog owner’s fault. The… Read the rest

Can Training Help Your Dog Become A Good Citizen?

Is your dog a good citizen? Can a dog become a good citizen? YES! Your dog can and should become a good citizen and I am going to tell you how. Many of you may think I’m smart when it comes to understanding behavior. I could argue the point both ways because sometimes I am a complete bonehead. Let me splain: Being the ever helpful husband and father, I often pitch in to help with the dishes. We don’t have a dishwasher and with two small children dishes pile up fast. I started working at my uncle’s restaurant when I… Read the rest

Can You Train Your Dog In 1 Minute A Day?

Can you train your dog in 1 minute a day? YES! And I am going to prove just training one minute a day can AND should be done. Every week I traverse the SouthCoast and parts of Rhode Island doing between 35 to 40 appointments a week. Every month I see a lot of dogs and owners. When I show up for the second or third appointment I hear the same comment. It goes like this: “I must be honest with you Eric. I didn’t do much training this week.” I ALWAYS tell the owner I understand, because I do.… Read the rest
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