Do you want to train your dog now… or next week?

Train Your Dog Now

Having a dog is unlike having any other pet. When you have a dog you must get interested in the training process. If you hate the thought of dog training a goldfish may be a better choice. You see, training is always happening.

You are either training your dog or your dog is training you. Don’t believe me? Here are six common ways your dog will train you:

  1. Your dog will train you to hang on and use all your strength when you go for a walk.
  2. Your dog will train you to chase him around the coffee table when he steals underwear from the laundry basket.
  3. Your dog will train you to push everything on your counters as far back as you can so he won’t grab anything within reach.
  4. Your dog will train you to pay attention to him as he jumps on you and mouths your hands.
  5. Your dog will train you give him attention when he barks and paws at you.
  6. Your dog will train you to chase after him when he bolts out the front door.

So… you can let your dog train you, or you can follow the three most important words I tell every client I work with.

“On your terms.”

  • Train your dog to follow your terms. Train your dog to walk on leash without pulling.
  • Train your dog to “Drop it” on command.
  • Train your dog to never grab stuff off your counters.
  • Train your dog to greet with four paws on the ground.
  • Train your dog to come when called.

Either you train your dog or your dog trains you.

And the best part is it’s not as hard as you may think. The majority of the dogs I work with only need three sessions. Some dogs just need one session.

I was thinking of all this after I read this Google review that came in last night:

I honestly can not say enough about Eric and how he helped us with our adorable puppy! It sounds corny, but he literally changed our lives! We are the happiest and proudest dog owners now thanks to the terrific training Eric provided. Eric has the nicest way about him and it’s so obvious how much he loves dogs and just wants you and the dog to have the best quality of life. I highly, highly recommend Eric to anyone who loves their dog, but doesn’t want their dog to rule their life. Thank you Eric…you made us fall in love with our puppy all over again! ~ Kathleen Breede

How many sessions did I do with Kathleen? Three. Thanks for the awesome Google review Kathleen! I really appreciate it and everyone else who took the time to write one.

If you’re ready to teach your dog what your terms are start with a FREE consultation. It’s easy. You can call 774-319-6451 or fill out the form to the right!

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