Come When Called Checklist

Come When Called Checklist

Saturday morning I was at Buttonwood Park in New Bedford, MA. A local rescue, Odie’s Place, was holding their annual benefit to raise money for animals. I had been asked to do a demonstration at 3:00 PM on teaching your dog to come when called.

I wasn’t sure if the organizers knew what they were getting into, having The Amazing Dog Training Man offer training advice and demonstrate with dogs from the audience.

Did they know what the response would be? Did they hire extra police for traffic and crowd control? Did they have mics and speakers set up for the people way in the back to hear? Did they have barriers set up to hold back the throngs of people trying to see and hear the pearls of dog training wisdom I would teach?

3:00 PM came and… 8 people showed up. HA!

Anyway, I did give everyone a checklist to follow for teaching your dog to come when called. I have put the checklist up here for you to print out and use. DOWNLOAD COME WHEN CALLED CHECKLIST HERE

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