Don’t Buy Cheap Pot Holders

I think Grandmothers are the smartest people on the planet. Maybe it comes with time and experience. Maybe they are more observant than the rest of us. What ever the reason, they give great advice and my Grandmother told me this:

“Don’t buy cheap pot holders.”

Simple but good advice.

A good pot holder will last for years and you won’t have to worry about burning your fingers every time you grab a hot pan or pot. It really comes down to making a good investment with your money.

So why the heck is a hard hitting, information packed dog training and behavior email newsletter talking about pot holders?

Glad you asked.

Received an email from a very nice lady from Portugal yesterday. In her email she told me that as a dog trainer I should be giving away my courses and books. I wrote back and said that I do have a wife, 19 month old daughter and another baby on the way. I also added that they liked to eat food with their meals which required some form of monetary exchange when I went to the supermarket.

She wrote back and said that I should still give my products away.

I was mildly amused and decided to write this:

“I love dogs and do my best to help as many as possible. I have over 300 FREE videos on YouTube, I give away free reports and do seminars. I also have raised and personally donated tens of thousands of dollars to animal shelters. Having a dog is an investment. You have to feed, house, provide medical care AND train your dog. Training is usually an afterthought and most people never invest in training but it is the number one reason dogs are put to sleep and abandoned in this and other countries.”

She still disagreed with me.

I wrote back one simple sentence: “Don’t buy cheap pot holders.”

Whaddya gonna do?

The most rewarding part of being a dog trainer is having someone you helped tell you that training saved their dog’s life. I always tell the person that it was THEM, not me that saved their dog’s life. You see, training is more than an investment of money.

It is an investment of time and effort and anyone that takes the time to do it with their dog should be commended. Taking a few minutes everyday, learning about training and reading this daily email are all steps to help train your dog and you should be proud of yourself.

You are among the BEST of dog owners because you care and have done something to improve the life of your dog!

Have a great weekend!


P.S. Most people would think that I am mad at the person for writing to me. I really am not. I understand her position even if she does not understand mine. And if there is one thing in life I have learned it is this: You can NOT change anyone’s mind once it is made up. I am not trying to convince her, I was just stating my position, and here’s the rub: She is having problems getting her dog to come back to her which The Ultimate Online Recall Course would help with.

It’s already priced low to help as many people as possible AND it’s beefy. There is a ton of content and videos to help anyone learn, step by step, how to teach their dog to come when called.

Done correctly, the course takes a few weeks to get through.

In other words……

……it’s NOT a cheap pot holder.

See for yourself by going here NEXT:

Ultimate Online Recall Course

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