South Coast Dog Training – How To Solve 80% Of Behavior Problems In Dogs

So many of you know by now that Rach, Scarlett and I have moved back to the South Coast.

The move happened fast. Much faster than we expected and I had to work about a week straight from 7:00AM to about 8:00PM.

Packing, moving, yard work, unpacking, cleaning etc.

When you are that busy you never have any problems sleeping through the night. You really appreciate hitting the sack.

Which leads me to today’s brilliant insight.

Many of the behavior problems we have with our dogs is the direct result of too much pent up energy.

Years ago I had a guy that brought his dalmatian to me for training. His dog was literally driving him nuts. He started to dread coming home after work because his dalmatian would never stop.

I asked him to drop his dog off with me during the day. I let his dog spend the day playing with my dog. The first day he picked up his dog and went home.

The next morning he walked in and asked: “What did you do to my dog?”

I thought he was upset when a huge smile broke out on his face and he added: “That was the best night since I got my dog. He was normal, he laid on the couch and put his head on my lap. That has never happened.”

You see, he had a good dog but the dog was bored. Many of the behavior problems your dog has can be resolved with some good old fashioned exercise.

And if exercise doesn’t solve your dog’s behavior problems, a dog training class with us will. Each class covers the steps you need to know to train your dog and deal with any behavior problems. We teach sit, down, stand, loose leash walking and more.

Get all the details here:

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