Behavior Problems

What Is A Reactive Dog?

“I’m afraid my dog is going to kill another dog,” Pamela said. She was sitting across from me talking about her dog Zeus. Zeus is a friendly, big, beautiful Rottweiler and as I looked back at Pamela, she teared up and added, “I love this big oaf but I don’t know if I can keep him.” Zeus has a common problem faced by many dog owners. Zeus loses his mind when he sees another dog. Pamela told me how she can barely hold him back if they encounter another dog. Zeus barks and lunges so hard he pulls her off… Read the rest

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Is There A Cure For The Reactive/Aggressive Dog?

Yes, but first let me share with you how I almost peed my pants. I’ll admit it. I was nervous. Even after all the years I have been in the business, working K9 security, as an animal control officer, with shelter dogs; when I see a 125 lbs American Bulldog come after me full force, barking and showing every intention of me leaving on a stretcher, I still feel the butterflies. A few weeks ago I met Quincy, the dog I just described above. He is five years old and his owners told me has dog aggression, scary stranger introductions,… Read the rest

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Does Dog Training Confuse You?

“Dog training is confusing.” This is a common statement I hear when I first meet with a new client. I hear this too: “I was told to never play tug with my dog.” “I read I am never supposed to say NO to my dog.” “My friend told me to never let my dog sleep on my bed.” “I heard you should never punish your dog.” I always tell my new clients the same thing: From this point forward, ignore everything you read and hear about dog training. Just ask me, I’ll give you the correct answers. I am half… Read the rest

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Positive Reinforcement Dog Training Has Limitations

Positive reinforcement has its limitations. This is sure to get me in hot water. But in my never ending quest to help you understand and train your dog, I will forge on and brave the arrows to help you. We live in interesting times. The dog training world is no exception. There is a HUGE movement to convince dog owners they can NEVER, under any circumstances, use any sort of negative consequence with their dog. No fear, no force, no pain, no discomfort… EVER! Here is the problem with the no fear, no force, no pain, no discomfort agenda. Veterinarians… Read the rest

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Cure For The Reactive Dog

Years ago I worked as a private investigator for a large security firm out of Boston. My job was to work at different businesses undercover to root out any theft or illegal activities. The job required socializing with employees to find out who was stealing or dealing drugs. One night I was at a house hanging out drinking beers with a group from work when one of the guys got up, walked to the door and locked it. He made it clear no one was leaving. Being in this situation helped me understand reactive behavior in dogs. You see, reactive… Read the rest

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Why People Struggle With Dog Training – New Podcast

My friend was struggling. She was trying to teach her service dog to pick up items on command. She wanted her dog to pick up specific items when she asked for them. This is a requirement for service dogs and she felt like giving up. She was frustrated. Her dog was frustrated. Lucky for her she happens to be friends with the Amazing Dog Training Man and I quickly pointed out to her why she was having the problems she was. We made one small adjustment and her dog is now on the way to successfully retrieving items on command.… Read the rest

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Science Based Dog Training That Gets FAST Results

Have you ever thought about why we don’t like going to the dentist? Or why we don’t like snakes, heights, sharks or Justin Bieber’s music? I can tell you why with one word: Pain. No one wants to get bit by a snake, fall off a roof, get in the water with a fish that has rows of razor sharp teeth or listen to Justin Bieber, because it is painful to think what could happen. Ashlyn Blocker does not feel pain. I’m reading a great book, “Barking Up The Wrong Tree,” and the author, Eric Barker, explains how Ashlyn has… Read the rest

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The Time I Was Attacked

Last week I took time out of my busy schedule and did a career day talk at the Somerset Middle School. My niece is a guidance counselor there and since I happen to be the world’s greatest uncle, I showed up and dazzled the eighth graders with my presentation on being a dog trainer. When they finished yawning each group asked the same question. “Have you ever been bitten?” I may be imagining this, but every time I told them I had been bitten about ten times and was once attacked it seemed to cheer them up. They wanted to… Read the rest

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Off Leash Dog Training On Bristol RI Bike Path

I was dog training in Bristol, RI yesterday when an amazing thing happened. It was completely unexpected. People cheered, they smiled, they were excited by what they saw. What was this incredible event? What had people excited and optimistic? Simple… the sun came out. And the change in people was noticeable. You see, I was on the Bristol bike path when it happened. As we were standing there everyone who passed was smiling, cheery, and talkative. But what they were most impressed with was Henley, a one-year old Goldendoodle who was doing “mostly” off-leash training. I say mostly because he… Read the rest

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Dog Training Can Prevent Embarrassing Situations

I have to share this with you. Wednesday night I was getting ready to do a seminar when my wife, Rachael, asked me to stop cracking my knuckles. I didn’t even realize I was doing it. You see, Wednesday night at 6:00 PM I held a workshop at the Bristol Animal Shelter. And before any talk, I always feel a lot of nervous energy. I know what you’re thinking. “The Amazing Dog Training Man getting nervous doing a talk on dog training?” Impossible. Preposterous. But true. I have spoken in front of thousands of people. I can’t even count how… Read the rest

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