Terminator Teaches Me “The Spark”

Arnold Schwarzenegger is one interesting dude. Regardless of how you feel about him, he has accomplished some amazing things. World champion bodybuilder, big screen actor, successful businessman, Governor of California, there is no question about it, he knows a few things.

I recently read an article he wrote called, “The Spark.” In it he describes how you can’t wait for motivation, that you need to go find it. And chances are, if you don’t find the motivation it will probably eventually find you in a form that you won’t like.

He talks about the person who doesn’t take care of himself and ends up in a hospital room promising himself and everyone else that changes are now going to happen.

Also known as, “The Spark.”

I’ve seen this with dogs many, many times. The owners keeps saying they are going to start training. They are going to teach their dogs to stop jumping, to come when called, to walk on leash, to deal with the growling around the food dish. Many times this is just talk until “The Spark” rears its head.

The dog doesn’t learn to come when called and gets hit by a car, the dog jumps and knocks someone over injuring them, the dog pulls on leash and drags the person down the road or the dog bites someone too close to the food dish. “The Spark” will result in some type of action. The dog may be brought to a shelter, a new home, euthanized, injured, etc.

Or you can take this post as “The Spark” and start training your dog today. Training really only requires a few minutes a day. And the best place for dog training classes in the South Coast is closer than you think.

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