Dog Training In Westport MA For Unruly German Shepherd

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Sky is a beautiful, young German Shepherd who would jump, pull on leash, and was difficult to control, especially at the Vet’s office. After a few dog training sessions in Westport, Massachusetts Sky did excellent at her next Vet exam.

Sky Dog Training Westport MA“Sky was seen yesterday at Acoaxet Veterinary Clinic in Westport, Mass. We were very satisfied! They handled her excellently, and she responded really well. Sky did so much better! When people made comments about how well she was behaving, (even in the waiting room!) I told them ‘Eric Letendre’ taught her, and us!… He is a patient person! They did say they like you around there too! It was quite ‘cute’, as at one point the vet referred to you as “Uncle Eric” when addressing Sky! And I know Sky is thankful!”

“Also, God’s best to you, your wife, and family! Thanks again!”

Vicki Moreau Wilding - Westport MA January 16, 2017

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