The Best Trainer In The World

Just back from vacation.

Spent a week on the beautiful beaches in the great state of Delaware, close to the first town in the first state.

Anyway, there were nieces and nephews all over the place and the subject of behavior came up when there was any discussion of child rearing.

I explained that the best trainer in the world could help them with their kids.

That this trainer was very accurate and knew how to get kids to do any behavior with no force or intimidation.

The trainer?


Yes, Grandmothers are great trainers and the term “Grandma’s Law” refers to a scientific principle known as The Premack Principle.

Grandma’s Law works by getting a low probability behavior to happen before getting access to a high probability behavior.

A simple way to explain is this: Grandma would tell you that you could not have dessert until you eat your spinach. Eat the spinach, get the desert.

So I explained that it would be easy to get the kids to make their beds in the morning. No beach until the bed is made. Low probability behavior to get high probability behavior.

This works with dog training too. I use it all the time,  especially with the recall (come when called) command.

Dogs refuse to come when called because they get distracted.

Sniffing the ground (high probability behavior) is better than responding to your command “Come” (low probability behavior).

The Ultimate Online Recall Course covers this in detail with videos showing you how to do this step by step.

It’s easy.

It’s fun.

And it’s all included here:

Always Come When Called

All the best,


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