These 7 Tips Will Help Your Dog Come When Called – Especially The 6th One

Got a question the other day.

Here it is:

“Eric, We Got Snow The Other Day And Now My Dog Won’t Come Back When I Call Him. Is There Anything I Can Do?”
If I couldn’t answer this question I’d be what the French call: “Les Incompétents.”

Since I’m NOT incompetent (at least not when it comes to dog training) let me share 7 tips to get your dog to come when called:

1. Make yourself more interesting. Use your voice and body language to get your dog interested in what you are doing. Movement helps big time.

2. Use a long line for a few days. Dog training is all about influence. When your dog is off leash, you only have your voice to influence your dog. If you need more than your voice, attach a long line and use it to guide your dog to you.

3. Increase the reward. Want me to do something for you? Get the right reward and you’ll get the right behavior.

4. Back to basics – Go back to doing the Spring Loaded Recall Exercise that I teach in the Ultimate Online Recall Course.

5. Work on attention. Chances are if your dog is not paying attention to you, your dog will not come back to you.

6. Make it a game – If I could only share one secret to the recall command with you it’d be this one. Make coming when called a game. Dogs love to play and if you teach your dog by playing a game, you’ll be much more successful.

7. Set your dog up for success – The fastest way to backfire your training is to call your dog as your dog is going in the opposite direction. That is a recipe for disaster.

So there you have it, 7 tips to get your dog coming back to you when you call.

Before taking off, one more thing:

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