Why You Should Make “Meat Candy” For Your Dog

Do you know what meat candy is?

Today I am going to show you why you should make and use it.

But first……a quick detour.

For years I suffered with HUGE digestive problems. I would walk around with rolls of Tums and then packets of Pepcid.

Every doctor I went to wanted to prescribe some kind of drug to help with the problem which I didn’t like. But the pain of heartburn is too much to bear sometimes and I gobbled pills by the handful to keep it at bay.

Then one day I met this guy that I didn’t trust too much. You see, he was a New York Giants fan which automatically made him suspect.

He gave some advice to help with my stomach problems which I flatly rejected. But this guy was persistent and kept asking me to try out his advice for just one week.

I finally did.

After years and years of pain and pills my problem was…..


I couldn’t believe it. This guy Craig Fear is a certified nutritional therapist and as much as I hate to say it, he is one smart dude when it comes to nutrition. Since his advice worked we have become good friends and I have learned to forgive him for being a Giants fan.

Anyway, he is also a HUGE dog lover. And he just made a video showing how to make healthy homemade dog treats. In the video he shows how to stuff toys to keep your dog busy when you are not around.

He also calls it “meat candy” which is a perfect name for it because this stuff is great for training.

If you have a dog that is easily distracted this treat will keep your dog focused on you like a 14 year old boy on a Playboy magazine.

So sit back and watch his video and then make some treats for your pup. You can contact Craig with your questions. He is actually a very nice guy and will be happy to answer any question you leave on his blog. Here’s the video:

How To Make Healthy Dog Treats



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