Automobile Mogul Reveals Secret To Making The Right Decisions For Your Dog

I’m not sure if this story is true but it makes a great point.

I once heard that Henry Ford would always take a potential key employee out for dinner to observe him during the meal.

He was looking for one move. One move that would determine if he was going to hire the guy or not.

The move?


He didn’t mind if the chap used salt what he wanted to know was….

…..did he taste the food before adding the salt.

Imagine that!

I guess ole Henry wanted to know if the dude was going to make a decision before he had all the information.

It’s funny but I always remembered that story because the majority of people I meet rely on opinions instead of facts

And the dog training world is ripe with opinions.

Just yesterday I was working with this very nice couple that had recently adopted a GSD.

They told me a story of their last dog. They had sent him off to a “boot camp” and payed $1800 and had him come home with a choke and electronic collar.

The were instructed to use the choke collar if the dog started to bark at other dogs. If that didn’t work the electronic collar was to be used. If the desired result was not achieved they were told to “crank it up to the max!”

The result?

On their first walk Dad was bit in the thigh just barely missing his you know what, which could have resulted in an abrupt halt in the development of his progeny.

I don’t fault the owners. They were referred to this trainer and felt they were doing what was best. We’ve all hired “experts” and been taken to the cleaners.

It amazes me at how many of my fellow dog trainers scoff and laugh when I talk about cross associations and aggression directly linked to the use of choke and prong collars.

I showed them how to quickly and easily get their German Shepherd to follow them using just a flat buckle collar with zero yanking on their part.

In fact, let me finish here with one HUGE leash walking tip for ya.

If you are yanking on the leash and using your arms, you are WORKING TOO HARD AND PROBABLY GETTING POOR RESULTS.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to yell but this is NOT opinion – this is FACT and I’m looking out for you and your pup.

Leash walking can be easy and fun when you throw away the choke and prong collars and start teaching your dog to be aware of where you are and to follow your lead

Kind of like a dance.

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