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Is There A Cure For The Reactive/Aggressive Dog?

Yes, but first let me share with you how I almost peed my pants. I’ll admit it. I was nervous. Even after all the years I have been in the business, working K9 security, as an animal control officer, with shelter dogs; when I see a 125 lbs American Bulldog come after me full force, barking and showing every intention of me leaving on a stretcher, I still feel the butterflies. A few weeks ago I met Quincy, the dog I just described above. He is five years old and his owners told me has dog aggression, scary stranger introductions,… Read the rest

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Dog Training Can Literally Keep Your Dog Off Drugs

You think I am joking about keeping dogs off drugs. This short message can save your dog’s life but you may (GASP) disagree with me. When it comes to leash walking I inform every dog owner I work with the dog is not allowed to pull, bark or… wait for it… SNIFF! “What! My dog can’t sniff? That sounds crazy, my dog has to sniff. You may be a good dog trainer Mr. Amazing Dog Training Man but I must disagree with you on this one,” is a common retort. Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock, you know there… Read the rest

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Cure For The Reactive Dog

Years ago I worked as a private investigator for a large security firm out of Boston. My job was to work at different businesses undercover to root out any theft or illegal activities. The job required socializing with employees to find out who was stealing or dealing drugs. One night I was at a house hanging out drinking beers with a group from work when one of the guys got up, walked to the door and locked it. He made it clear no one was leaving. Being in this situation helped me understand reactive behavior in dogs. You see, reactive… Read the rest

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Does Your Dog Lose It On Leash Around Other Dogs?

Is your dog impossible to control on leash around other dogs? This blog post is going help you with this frustrating behavior. Pass it on to any friend struggling with a dog who has this behavior. Many dog owners want to take their dog for a walk but they can’t do it. They can’t take their dog for a walk because their dog goes completely crazy and out of control at the sight of a person or another dog. The owner has to resort to walking early in the morning or late at night to avoid any confrontations. This is… Read the rest

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How To Control The Uncontrolable Dog

The summer of ’95 is one I will never forget. It was my first year in business. Having no money, I took a job as an animal control officer. My partner was 97 pounds soaking wet and since I was a “professional” dog trainer, I always handled the control pole when faced with a snarling, none too happy dog which had to be caught and put in the van. Let me put it this way. Ever heard of bungee jumping, extreme roller coasters, running with the bulls, swimming with great white sharks? Child’s play. Nothing compared to the adrenaline jolt… Read the rest

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Dog Training Fairhaven MA

I do a lot of dog training in Fairhaven MA. There is a very good reason for all the dog training I do in Fairhaven Massachusetts. Capeway Veterinary Hospital sends me a lot of clients for which I am extremely grateful. I’m grateful because it helps my business but also because I love doing dog training in Fairhaven Mass. One client I helped recently was a big German Shepherd with a leash walking problem. This was one strong dog. When he pulled on leash you had to hang on or you were going for a ride. We started working with… Read the rest

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I Was Attacked Yesterday

Aggression is a constant companion when you work with dogs like I do. Every week I get a new client with aggression problems. Doing this as long as I have, I’ve developed cat like reflexes and for the most part, avoid getting bit. And then yesterday I got attacked. It was a beautiful day and I had a few hours in between clients so being the good dad, I packed up the kids and brought them to the beach. We got to the beach and I waded into the water with little Scarlett. In three feet of water I stepped… Read the rest

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Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?

On Saturday I was teaching a class on reactive dogs. One of the dogs in the class was a very excitable two year old dog. This dog would lose it when he sees another dog walking down the street. He does not get aggressive, he just becomes uncontrollable. He gets so crazy that he literally stands on his back paws barking and pulling toward the other dog. The owner has tried everything. She has worked on attention, tried treats, toys and everything else she has been told to do. Which is why she was in the class. After watching the… Read the rest

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Is Your Dog Reactive? This Will Help You

Did a talk last night at a shelter. The Potter League for Animals is a great place, run by some great people and they invited me to speak for their Pet University. Of course I broke the record for attendees. About 80 people showed up for the talk. I’d love to say I was the reason for so many people showing up but that would be incorrect. The reason so many people showed up was not me, it was….. …….the topic. You see, I spoke about reactive dogs, dogs that lunge, bark, growl or are just plain unruly and uncontrollable.… Read the rest

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Help For The Reactive Dog

Next week I will be holding a seminar for the Potter League for Animals in Middletown, RI. It is a great shelter run by some great people. The seminar I’ll be doing is on reactive dogs, dogs that blow a gasket when another dog or person comes around. This has become a huge problem and I believe there are two reasons for this. The first reason is that choke and prong collars are too popular in group dog training classes. If this type of collar is used in training it should always be used in a very non-distracting environment –… Read the rest

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