Breaking Bad Attitudes

Breaking Bad Attitudes
Breaking Bad Attitudes

Had a little chat with the missus the other day.

She never watched any of the Breaking Bad series and didn’t want to.

I sat her down and said: “Sweetie, let’s just watch the first episode. If you don’t like it we won’t watch it.”

We are now watching the entire first season after little Scarlett goes to bed. In the last episode we watched, something interesting happened that made me think of something from years ago.

On the show a drug dealer told the main character, Walter White, that he should not be a drug dealer, that he doesn’t have the right personality for it. Which is funny because Walter goes on the be the biggest drug dealer in the Southwest.

I know it’s fiction but it reminded me of when I was going to school to become a dog trainer. I was in a class of eight people and one of the head instructors told me that I would not do well in this profession, that being a dog trainer was probably not the right thing for me.

Funny how people love to tell us what we can and can’t do and a lot of dog trainers love to tell dog owners that they have bad dogs or that they won’t be able to train their dogs.

So if you’re frustrated with your dog or someone has told you that you won’t be able to train your dog, just move on. They could be wrong and your dog could become an obedience champ.

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