Come When Called Cheatsheet

I never cheated on a test in school.

I would have never been able to pull it off. I knew that I would have been caught so I usually failed most of my tests. To this day I don’t know how I actually graduated from high school.

Anyway, there is no test for teaching your dog to come when called and that is why I developed a simple cheat sheet that you can print, use and share with your dog loving friends.

This cheat sheet gives you the main points for teaching your dog this important command.

Here it is:

Amazing Dog Training Man’s Come When Called Cheat sheet

1. Practice the recall command when your dog has a lot of energy.

2. Use the best, most high powered treats you have.

3. Set your dog up for success using the “Spring Loaded Recall Exercise” (full explanation and videos on The Ultimate Online Recall Course).

4. Use a combination or treats and games to teach your dog to come when called.

5. When your dog gets to you, always make sure you are holding onto the collar before you give the treat. This will avoid the “keep away game” that dogs love to play once they learn that when they get to you, you put them on leash.

6. Use a long line to influence your dog’s behavior from a distance.

7. Use a long line to teach your dog to work through distractions.

8. Start with low distractions and work your way up to more and more difficult distractions.

9. Always make sure your dog is safe when you are outside.

Before taking off one more thing. The Ultimate Online Recall Course was developed to help you teach your dog how to do this command using all the techniques and strategies I’ve learned and taught for the past 20 years to thousands of dog owners.

The entire course is included with registration for any of our classes.

You can register by going here NEXT:

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