Dog Training On Father’s Day In Westport MA

Dog Training On Father's Day In Westport MA
Dog Training On Father’s Day In Westport MA

Had a great Father’s Day yesterday and spent it on the beach in Westport with my wife Rachael, our daughter Scarlett and our dog Martini.

I did a little dog training with Martini while I was there. Scarlett loves playing with Martini and seeing her do obedience and tricks.

You can see a picture of them on my Facebook page:

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If you look closely you’ll see that Martini has a leash on but no one is holding onto it.

So here’s a little leash walking

trick for you to try. Find a fenced in area so you can safely do this exercise.

Go to the fenced in area with some treats and with the leash in your right hand hold a treat in your left hand and offer it to your dog.

As your dog gets interested in the treat start walking with your dog at your side. After a few steps let go of the leash and just keep walking.

After 5 to 10 steps stop and reward your dog. Without picking up the leash repeat the exercise.

Walk another 5 to 10 steps and reward. After you have done this a few times let your dog do what he wants. Sniff, look around, whatever. Wait until she gets a little distracted and then call your dog over to you.

Without picking up the leash give the command, “Let’s go,” and start walking.

What you’ll find is that your dog will fall in at your side and start walking with you. I have said it over and over but when there is no tension between you and your dog, you’ll get much better results.

By the way – I go over this in detail in our dog training classes which we have every month. If you ready to teach your dog to walk with you on the beach or anywhere else go here NEXT:

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