How To Help Your Dog In A World Full Of Creeps

creepAre you afraid of anything?

Chances are, you have some fears.

Many of the things we are fearful of are fake. There is nothing to really be afraid of but we can’t help but being afraid.

For instance, I am not afraid of clowns, spiders or snakes but I am afraid of…..

…..the shower.

The clinical term is Ablutophobia.

Here’s the interesting part. I’ve never had a single traumatic event happen in the shower.

All my fears are in my head.

I think it stems from the shower scene in the movie Psycho which terrified my mother who never even watched the movie. She just heard about it and became afraid of showers.

Anyway, there are many fears that humans and dogs can develop.

Real and imagined.

One very real fear for people nowadays is Kinemortophbia, the fear of zombies. Zombie fever is everywhere and luckily I am tuned into the psyche and vibration of our combined thoughts which is why you want to go here NEXT:

Zombie Proof Training



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