I Live With An Emotional, Unstable Dictator

Have you ever lived with a dictator?

I am currently living with one. And not just any ole dictator. This one is pint sized, often unreasonable, highly emotional and seemingly unstable.

Think I’m kidding?

I’m being completely honest. Just yesterday I was about to help this dictator out of the car.

Screaming and crying immediately erupted and then she threw herself on the ground and would not move. She did not want my help. She did not need my help. She had wanted to let herself out.

Five minutes later I was getting a hug and making macaroni and cheese because she was hungry.

This dictator comes in a very small package. Her name is Scarlett and she isn’t even three years old yet.

Don’t let the picture fool you. She’s cute but inside that little head is the brain of a dictator.

My wife laughs at me because she sees me walk into a house with a huge, crazy, aggressive Rottweiler and within a short period of time I have the dog under control..

…Only to come home and have this tiny dictator completely exhaust and wear me down.

Anyway, I may be trying to figure out the brain of a three year girl and losing but I do know dogs.

Most importantly, I know how to help you get your dog to do behaviors AND how to get your dog to stop behaviors.

In my experience, dog owners need to learn how to STOP behaviors. How do I stop Sparky from jumping, stealing, barking, bolting etc. are the most common questions I hear every day.

And with the Holiday season upon us, it is crucial that unacceptable behaviors are brought under control fast!

Which is why I put this together for you:

Holiday Dog Training Help!

All the best,


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