Is It Good To Hate?

I was reading an interesting book over the weekend.

The book: “The Compound Effect,” by Darren Hardy.

Very good book that gives you a plan for accomplishing anything you’d like to get done.

Running a marathon, building your savings, learning a new skill or even…..

… a dog.

He said something that was very interesting. Mr. Hardy states:

“People are motivated by something they want or something they don’t want. Love is a powerfully motivating force. But so is hate. Contrary to social correctness, it can be good to hate. Hate disease, hate injustice, hate ignorance, hate complacency and so on.”

It can be good to hate – whoa!

That is a bold statement but I agree with him.

I hate it when someone calls me cruel or abusive because I show dog owners how to train using negative consequences.

I hate it when I hear dog trainers telling people that they can solve their dog’s behavior problems with just positive reinforcement.

Most of all, I hate it when a dog has to die because they never learned the behaviors they needed to stay in the home.

I’ve said it for a long time, most of the dog owners that contact me need help STOPPING behaviors. They need their dog to learn the word, “NO.”

They go to the internet or hire a trainer and all they hear is that you have to give treats and redirect the behavior.

Giving treats and redirecting behavior will NOT stop a dog from stealing dinner off the table. It will NOT stop a dog from jumping or becoming aggressive on leash.

And believe me friend, thousands and thousands of dogs die every month because they never learned that it is unacceptable to jump, steal, chew and bark uncontrollably.

BTW – a negative consequence does not even hurt the dog. A negative consequence is unpleasant and the dog quickly learns which behaviors to stop.

Best part is it is very easy to teach your dog “NO” and I can show you how. The Dog Training Inner Circle is just $1.00 to join.

Check out the video “How To Teach Your Dog NO.” Then go to the forum and read the comments on how teaching “NO” has helped others.

See you on the inside.

Dog Training Inner Circle



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