Somerset Dog Owner Uses Crazy Dog Training Technique

I recently gave a Somerset MA dog owner some advice that could literally save your dog’s life. It’s a crazy dog training technique but works almost 100% of the time.

Would you like me to share this little nugget with you?

Good, here it is:

It is common for dogs, especially young dogs and puppies to ignore the owner when they get loose. The dog has learned that if they go back to the owner all the fun ends.

So if you ever find yourself in this predicament there is one simple thing you can do. It may work and it may not work but I in my experience, I have seen dogs come racing back to their owners.

Remember, this is so simple that most people scoff when they hear it.

If your dog gets loose and won’t come back, all you need to do is…

…lay down on the ground.

Most dogs and puppies LOVE when their humans get down on their level or even lower. Laying on the ground is an invitation to party. So in a pinch, this may help you get your dog to come back to you.

Simple – yes.

Easy – yes.

Effective – most of the time.

BTW – if you’re struggling to teach your dog to come when called check out our dog training classes. We teach a very unique way to get your dog to come when called and it works like crazy!

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