How To Train Your Dog While Watching TV

So you know how much I love watching football. I even watch (GASP) The Giants sometimes. It is usually with my friend Craig so I can root for the other team. Since they lose so much (like last Sunday), it’s fun to watch him sulk. He then has to talk about old games and lucky plays to make himself feel better. The commentators are a funny group. ESPN and the NFL network become obsessed with a certain player and repeat his name over and over. Think I’m kidding? During the 2014 NFL draft, ESPN said Johnny Manziel’s name 113 times.… Read the rest

What Age Should I Start Training My Dog?

What Age Should I Start Training My Dog? Here is a common question I get: “Eric, what age can I start training my pup? I’ve heard so much different advice. Six months, one year, I don’t know who to listen to. Please help.” Instead of answering the question myself. I am going let Ben from Norway answer with an email he wrote to me; “Hello Eric, I have read your articles and watched your videos since I started training my Rufus. I thought perhaps you might like to see what you’re advice has done. The video was done when he… Read the rest

Mysterious Condition That Could Help Train Aggressive Dogs

I was reading my friend and expert copywriter Wes Murph’s blog the other day. He wrote about an extremely rare condition that I wished I had last night. The condition is called Urbach-Wiethe and you’ve probably never heard of it because there are only about 400 people on the planet that have it. If you have Urbach-Wiethe you are absolutely incapable of feeling fear. Someone could stick a gun in your mug, a knife to your throat or have a 150lbs intact 2 year old Rottweiler growling and barking at you and you would have zero fear. I know that… Read the rest

How To Avoid The #1 Housetraining Mistake

If you ever hire a dog trainer, be very open with them. A good dog trainer will NOT make you feel bad about your dog. A good trainer will not judge you and belittle you. If a trainer does, tell them to leave. We all make mistakes when it comes to dog training. Even (GASP) me. But no dog trainer has the right to talk down to you. You called in a trainer after all which separates you from about 90% of the dog owners that never do any training. Anyway, I recently started working with a client that is… Read the rest

Doing this Could Save Your Dog’s Life

The dog was nervous. I couldn’t blame him. He had just been lifted onto the table and the women I worked animal control with and I had to hold him. I looked at this dog and wondered. I wondered where he came from. I wondered who his family was before he came into my life. I wondered what kind of dog he would be in the house. I wondered if I could take him home. We had been told that he was brought to the shelter because the family said the dog was too much work. That he jumped on… Read the rest

What The Heck Is Umbilical Cord Training?

Question that came into ADTM central yesterday: Hi Eric, I really enjoy receiving your emails 🙂 However, I didn’t understand some of the suggestions in the last one; what exactly is an “x-pen” and “umbilical cord training”? Thank you so much, Angela Good question Angela. In case you missed yesterday’s email I was talking about housetraining and taking small, 1% steps to solve any behavior problem or teach any command. I listed some steps you could follow for housetraining and I mentioned x-pens and umbilical cord training. So let’s discuss housetraining a little further. Housetraining is mostly about management and… Read the rest

We Need More Beer!

History lesson: The Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock because: They came to America seeking religious freedom. The Mayflower sprung a leak and they needed to repair. They needed more beer. Everyone that choose c. as the correct answer can go to the front of the room and collect your gold star because you are correct. Funny how a religious group landed on Plymouth Rock because they needed to do what we call here in Massachusetts, a “Packy Run” (which is short for package store, which is what liquor stores are called in this state). I know it’s all confusing but… Read the rest

Bloody Warrior Provides Puppy Training Tips

There was once a warrior on the verge of conquering the world. He had an army of half a million men that made Europe tremble. This warrior had Rome in his sights and was threatening to go after it. Pillage and destruction followed this man wherever he went and he was ruthless. Then the night before he was to get married he died. Not in a sword fight, not at the end of a spear or arrow. He died from a nosebleed in his sleep. Attila the Hun suffered from chronic nosebleeds. He got drunk, passed out and choked on… Read the rest

Would You Give Your Kid Veal For A Christmas Present?

One of my favorite Christmas movies is “Scrooged” with Bill Murray. It’s a fairly dark, updated version of The Christmas Carol, but no where near as dark as Bad Santa, which I recommend only watching when the kids are sleeping over the grandparent’s house. The ghost of Christmas past brings the main character, Bill Murray, back to his childhood home on Christmas Eve and shows his father giving him veal for a present. When he whines that he wanted a choo choo train his father angrily states: “Well then go get a job and buy one.” Anyway, this got me… Read the rest

Why You Should Question Everyone – Including (GASP) Me

My good friend, Gena, just got a puppy. She just brought home a Brittany Spaniel and her first call was to me for some advice. She’s a very smart women. And I am all about giving new puppy advice because….. …..much of what I advise flies in the face of conventional wisdom. Start training early. Socialize like crazy. Play tug and…. ….and….and….and… …..let the puppy (GASP) sleep in the bed with you. This is where some people lose it with me so before you decide to tune me out let me state my case. FIRST: In my informal survey that… Read the rest
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