This Aggression Will Not Stand

Dog Aggression New Bedford MA
Dog Aggression New Bedford MA

2017 has been very interesting.

I’ve been doing my normal 30 to 35 dog training appointments a week and three to four group obedience classes.

But I’ve noticed one big change.

The number of aggressive dogs I am working with has skyrocketed. There are a couple of reasons for this. I’ll share my thoughts. Stay tuned until the end because I am going to show you what to do if you or someone you know is dealing with an aggressive dog:

FIRST: I had a thriving business located on Main Road in Westport which I sold and afterward left the area. I was gone for seven years. I came back a few years ago and resumed my dog training business. Word has spread and referrals from Veterinarians and other pet businesses have been their most difficult dogs.

SECOND: Dealing with aggressive behavior is not for every dog trainer. Going face to face with a 90 LB growling, snarling Rottweiler requires nerves of steel, cat like reflexes, and years of experience (and a few scars). Definitely not everyone’s cup of tea.

But I also have one more theory for the many aggressive dogs who cross my well traveled path.

There is a HUGE push in this country by two of the biggest dog training organizations in the United States advising dog owners they can NEVER say NO to their dogs.

I worked with a dog yesterday that is just a flat out bully with his owner. This dog has bit them three times and one of the bites required five stitches.

When I went there yesterday to work with the owner he was understandably nervous (so was I but I would never show or admit it).

When I said we were going to teach this dog the word NO he became even more unsteady and informed me he clearly believed I was going to get attacked. I assured him I was a highly trained canine specialist and he had nothing to worry about.

I asked him to put his dog on leash while I silently said the Lord’s Prayer to myself and included a Hail Mary for good measure. Catholic upbringing installs this method whenever faced with difficult situations.

This dog would become possessive around any tissue or paper on the ground, resisted going into a crate, and would refuse to move if lying on the floor. A few minutes later and we had the dog moving away from anything on the carpet, he was going into his crate, and the floor needed a little more work but we were on our way.
I must note there was some preliminary work that went into place before we did this, but teaching the dog the word NO was what put it all together.

My main point of this story is simple, dog trainers refusing to show you how to teach your dog NO is leading to big problems.

Which is why I wrote my new book “The Deadly Dog Training Myth, Why The Experts Make It IMPOSSIBLE To Train Your Dog.”

And you can the first three chapters for FREE!

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