Westport MA Dog Trainer Reveals “Secret” To STOP Jumping

I really am a very lucky guy. Back in 2001 running my business as a Westport MA dog trainer, I met my wife Rachael. Which is why I am such a lucky guy. You may not believe this but I was a bit of a hot head when I met her and being with me was not always a day at the beach. She was an expert at handling my outbursts and her technique happens to be the best way to deal with a dog that jumps.

It’s a very simple technique and it works every time you apply it. You see, the technique is simple but not always easy to apply. Here it is in one word:


When I would lose my temper and start acting like an idiot she would simply not engage. No talking, no looking at me and especially no touching.

It’s hard to keep arguing when the other person completely, 100% ignores you. It knocks the wind out of your sails and you eventually stand there feeling like a dope.

This really is the perfect way to deal with jumping but it can be hard to completely ignore your dog when you have nice clothes on that you don’t want stained. To stand there and completely ignore is difficult. So when you practice this technique, make sure you have your grungy clothes on. You also have to completely ignore which means no talking, no touching AND no looking. All three are forms of attention and this will not work if you do any of them.


There are other techniques to use to stop jumping and I share four different ways to stop jumping because no one technique works on every dog. I teach them all in my dog obedience classes and much, much more. If you’d like to stop your dog from jumping and more, go to:

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